✎ Archives

♞ June 2021

⭐️ Throwback: The Day I Met Cesar Millan!

October 2020

Work from home situation 😅
Patience is key!

February 2020

❤ furiends….. i’m back! :D
✌ A P P L E is Yums!
⁂ i’m so happy today!
Just in case you needed some…

 January 2015

❤ Little Popcorn Howling
☢ i’mma playing BONE!
☄ Please Help Tink! :D Thank You Furiends!

 July 2014

 September 2013

 March 2013

⍥ i’mma in bed with mommmmy!!

 February 2013

✌ introducing, duckie.
●.● “Oops i was Naughty today”
☄ heeeeeeeeeee-eh-lo!

 November 2012

☄ Oh Please Help Me Meet Cesar Millan – Just Hours before Voting Closes!
✈ Subaru Best In Show Contest ended! :D
✈ Subaru Best In Show Contest – The Results!

 August 2012

☎ The Missing Tooth! =O
☁ I had visitors today!
✍ Book a dental appointment please!
☄ Whoa! It’s maaaah favorite chew toy!!
❂ Sunday Encounters :D
☭ DE-N-TAL! =O
✎ Quick Update Today :D

♞ July 2012

✲ Mischief All Weekend!
✍ Monday Prime News :D
✿ Yay! Cloudless Dayee!!
♫ Wordless Wednesday: What i did today :D
♫ ♪ ♬ Popcorn Parties with CarlsDog!
☁ Twitter! @FluffyP0PC0RN
❤.❤ Sisterly Love!
❂ What i do in mom’s toilet all day :D
✎ Today’s story! :D
♨ FIRE!!
☎ Where did best friend go?
❤ Feeling Grateful :D
*.* Popcorn POPPING!
☄ Doggy App Alert…! DogCap :D
O.O Freaky Friday
❤ For The Cesar Millan Foundation
✎ Bingo Night!
☁ OoohOoo! We’re Off to da BEACH!!
✸.✸ omd. POPPY FELL!
=O I Got Stuck in the What?
➲ Hazel Eyes, Cirque du Soleil
✑ Grocery Shopping and Video Post! :D
❂ Yay! Upcoming Doggie Event! :D
✇–✇ The Wheels on the Bicycle! :D
☁ Mountbatten Pet Lovers Event! ❤.❤
♣ The Bobbing Furball :D
↺ Cushion Flinging Good Time! :D
◈Photo Monday :D
♜ Trophy PhotOs!
☝I Solemnly Swear
❂ Morning Greetings with the Furball :}
◛ Toy Poodle on the Sofa :D
⇪ The Reach (for the Baseball Toy)
☃ What is Grandma doing?!
✪ New Trick: Commando Crawl *BOMB*!
|___| Inspired by the English Premier League!
☁ No Monday Bloos… even with puke!
♞ Popcorn’s my little shadow tonight

 June 2012

♞ Popcorn Plays Soccer!!
☝i think we figured it out
♥.♥ OH BOY!! We’re meeting Cesar Millan! :D
Cesar Millan Live Tour in Singapore 2012!
✎ A for Apple!
✖ Mini Heart Attacks ✖
☺Thankful Tuesday!
☎ “Mom! i made another walking video!”
◎ Poppy Meets Bally!
☛ The “Foot Massager” IS NOT suitable for Furkids!
Hero Dog Spends Night Protecting Abandoned Baby
Poppy says “Have a Break! It’s the Weekend!”
♞ Happy Popcorn M. Baomihua Day!!
☁ A Day out at the Park!
⍥ Peek-a-boo Mom!
:D What a pleasant Surprise!
☄ SHOE Fitting Days are Overrr (Part 1)!!
☄ SHOE Fitting Days are Overrr (Part 2)!!
☄ SHOE Fitting Days are Overrr (Part 3)!
♛ Celebratin 52 weeks of Bloggin with Bassas!
♞ Popcorn became a mini pony!
✍ Popcorn’s Mission today
♥ Feeling really Thankful :}
❅ “Jack! I’m Flying!”
♚ i’m Clowning around :D
☝Is this Fashion Week or what Mom?
☄ Who has the Biggest Dog Bed? :D
✄ Bloooood-da
☢ That is Not A Chew Toy Popcorn…
❂ Shoe day & Scooter Night! ☾
☝ Hey Popcorn! Up here!
♥ Oh will you look at that face! :}
♞ Loving Popcorn, Cesar’s Way
❅ At the Freezer with da Cookie Thief :D
☃ Big Ol’ Surprise!
➶ Being at home with Grandpa and Grandma :)
O.O Celebrating Facebook Likeys!?
♣ Popcorn, BITE!
♣ Popcorn, OPEN!
☄ Bad dreams Bad dreams Go Away!
♣ The “Open Door” Trick (Follow-up) :D

 May 2012

☄ It’s The First of May!
☁ Whens whens wedsday!
☛ Oooo! Presents!!!
☃ I Got a Message from Popcorn
✌ Weekend’s Here!!
☁ Where’s my Sunny Sunday? ϟ (Amazing Dog Video)
♚ of Mischief
O.O But Easter has Long Passed! (video post)
Popcorn was very naughty today.
✵ She’s my perfect work companion
☄ “Have you seen the way i eat my strawberries?” :D (video post)
❄ baby toy poodle :}
◕.◕ The Peeper
♣ Grams Came Over!!! it’s Pawty-Time ✌!
✷ The Glowing Angel
☄ It’s Mothers’ Day the Peeper says!!
✖ The Disappearing Act
☛ Furball was THAT hungry
◕.◕ Wordless Wednesday
♥.♥ It’s Still Wednesday!
☾ There’s an innocence in the way dogs play ✰
♥.♥ Yay! It’s great to be back Poppy!
❂ Sunday!
Monday Mischief ☭ The Day of Attacks!
♛ The Most Important Part of Poppy’s Day
Wordless Wednesday: Popcorn’s Big Surprise!
♚ The Graduate Photo Shoot
♬ Happy Nine Months Poppycorn ❣
☠ DogNapped?!
❤ Poppy and I feel so blessed :}
ヅ Monday Puppy Mischief?
✪ Popcorn has learned “The Walk” trick!
♪ Wordless Wed: Popcorn Meets Carrotto!!
♥.♥ Sunshine Award!

 April 2012

❂ It’s a Lazy Sunday (for poppy) but Spring Cleaning day for me!
☄ Hellllo Mooonday!
☛ Doggie-Kitty Diary :D L0L
❂ Excitement Hits the ROOF (video post)
❂ Popcorn Tries on Shoes Today! :D
♣ Wednesday is Shopping day!
☁ Evening Walk and Creepy Barks ϟ
✌ Friday! The Weekend’s Here!
♛ Cesar Millan is COMING to Singapore!
A day at the Board Walk: a 4 k.m adventure :D
♖Monday Ninth of April♖
❦ Irresistible Popcorn
✱ Mid-week Wednesday ✱
♬ ♪ O.O oops Grandma
♣ Classes over da weekend! ♣
✔ Knowing more about Spaying/Neutering
♫ Spay Rhymes with Yay ♫
✌ Post Surgery Surprise (day 2)!
❂ Post Surgery Wednesday Highlights (day 3)
ヅ day four sleepiness
♖Play time with Pinkiwinkle officially begins!
♥ It’s Saturday Night
☄ Whaaad….Sunday at the Work Station!
♥ Late Night Snuggles
ooooOoo… One Lovely Blog Award? O.O
♛ Giggs Sleep Overrrrr!
❂ I’m…… gonna soak up the sun!
❂ Another day with the cat and 2dogs
☄ Poppy Turns 8 months Today! ♥
O.O Close Shave!
❤.❤ It’s Furday!
♞ Excitement is a ball of fire
♛ The Grand Meeting ♚ (video post)
☢ Monday Began with Sunday’s Dream

 March 2012

✔ Something funny :}
❣ Popcorn meets Toby ❣
i ♥ 3rd march
☛ Popcorn on da Laptop
Monkey (the rescue dog) – He’ll warm your heart
ヅ The dog that would do anything for ice cream
♥ I feel so Blessed :}
Animals Are Kind of Like People
⌛ Time is ticking, good morning Popcorn! :}
♥.♥ There’s Lots you Can Do
⇨it’s the 6th of March twenty twelve
?! zebit zebit
It’s Raining Compliments in Here!
eight eight eight, it’s eighth of “feb” ♥
☆ Lucky me :D
✌ ninth-march
♥ Star-Struck! ♥
◘ It’s all Pics day :D
♥ From the stairs :D
✄ 12 March is Groom Popcorn Day
ヅ It’s a Fruity Day in March
¿Why Do Dogs Leave Earth First?
♥.♥ 14th March
She said “Play with me!” ☚
♞ It’s time to Play Fetch!
♠ Could really use some advice: Making the Big Decision
♕ Buddy, the German Shepherd
❅ i’m on facebook :D
✷ Flash back to the days of the Fussy Eater
♥ lol. № words can describe, how did this happen Poppy?
♛ No Wet Paws for Me!
⅓ FluffyPopcorn after Bathtime!
✍ Please take the time to read this
✿ Strawberry Tasting with Popcorn!
❄ So when i die.. please don’t say…
♞ the Walk, the Net, and the Look
Wordless Wednesday: ☛ The BANG!
✌☝st March 2012
ヅ ❤ Candid Moments with Poppy
♕ Yay! We’ve reached our 50th Like! :}
❅ Happy dance! :D
➲ :} Snippets of Popcorn throughout the day
✉ Dear mOm ✍
❂ 24th of March :}
♧ 25th March 2012
✸ 26th March ;}
Things We ♥.♥
◕.◕ Something Crazy Happened
✵ Doggie Poodle Superhero!!!
♛ Poppy Gets a Mini Make Over
☛ What’s Poppy been up to?
heh. ♥
♥.♥ look at em kittycats!

 February 2012 (34)

Anyone looking for a weather forecaster? ❂ ☁ ϟ
❄ Another day with my Little One ❄
☠ absolute grooming madness O.D
♥ It’s the 4th of Feb, time to do some shopping! ♥
❂ It’s a Special Milestone Day for Little Poppy
♥ Tuesday, 7th February
❂ Wednesday, 8th of feb
♞ Thursday, 9th of feb
♕ Friday, 10th of feb
♥ aww she misses me =}
Happy date with Poppy corn :}
☁ Dream a little dream of me ♖
☄ Look who’s Running!
ッ 15 Feb was a day of shopping! ❤.❤
⋆ How will Popcorn handle her kibbles today?
❤ 17th of Feb 2012
✌ Yay Free Pet Shop Event!!! :D
☁ 18th January 2012: a day of chilling
♞ ♥ Nat Geo Free Pet Shop Event!
⌨ Should i? o.O
✹ 20th February 2012 :} baby sleeps and baby eats
☛ Who’s a f__ eater? o.O
☸ 22nd February 2012: Pit Stops at the Food Bowl: Fish Kibble Experiment
❅ Wonderful Photos of 22nd February Night ❅
ヅ Happy Fish Meal Experiment: Day 2
❤.❤ omg you’re SIX months old!
❣ oh boy. :D
➲ It’s Read the Newspaper Day! :D
♬ tee hee. 6 months and one tooth less ✌
№ title post :D
☁ It’s like any usual Monday :}
⌨ twenty-eighth february two thousand and 12 :D

 January 2012 (43)

✸ First walk to East Coast Park ✸
ヅ Present from Dad and Mom!
☢ Poop alert
☄ Popcorn’s Must-Watch Reaction to Dog Barking Audio
The Silent Peeper o.O
☰ It’s the 6 of Jan
❣ Pleasant surprise from Mommy ❣
♕ The next Manchester United Striker!
◕.◕ Ooopsie, softee.
╰☆╮Blue Cushion Play Time
☯ The Chinese Ornament Thief on Lunar New Year
❂ Popcorn and Potatoes, Mom and Popcorn
☁ Popcorn dreaming
▣ Simple moments with Popcorn
❂ Good Morning Baby!
❂ Wee morning of 12 January
▣ More moments with Popcorn ッ
☭ Popcorn M. Baomihua Camps Up-Stairs
♞ Tug of War
 Sunday with Family =D
♒ Swim coach meets Poodle
☎ at the crate station
☛ meet Zebit :]
☄ Say hello to hotter and more humid days: Mid January is here
❤.❤ You’re so fluffy, i’m gonnna dieeeeeeee
♬ burpies :D
❅ You make me happy when skies are grey ❅
☛ Popcorn is Adam Sandler o.O
Look at That ❤.❤ Face
⌚ Cut nails time ⌛
★ Popcorn gets Lucky!
❣ Popcorn gets a Red Packet!
B.i.L. carries Popcorn! :D
☄ Something meets the light of day, Someone’s gotten wiser today, Someone’s leaving for five days
✉ Letters about Popcorn ❤
✈ 24th Jan 2012: the night before leaving town for 5 days
Poor thing lost an eye O.o
♣ What Granny Said
♞ Prime News released when i got home :D
☄ Watch out for the Mystical Dragon this year :D
❂ The morning after i got home from my five day trip :D
♞ Naughty Rascal

 December 2011 (55)

♜ Snoozer
✄ Hair Cut Day
☝Popcorn… Up!
↻ Surrender Trick
❣ new rainbow toy from daddy ❣
♨ The Poop Bark
Daily Popcorn Routine in the Morning ❂ ☁ ϟ
♞ The Rebellion: Trying her luck to push pass her invisible boundary line
☗ House Warming with Relatives: Chase the Uncle wearing the White Socks! ♘
♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ Whistling day with Daddy
❦ The Mystery of the Lost Towel by the Main Door
Lonely Popcorn :(
(◕^^◕) New Toy
(◕.◕) Good afternoon baby!
Lost in Transition, playing =]
◘◙ Workaholic Popcorn: Lights, Camera, Action!
ヅ Paw Trick
◐_◑ [YouTube Video] Scared by own reflection :D
✿ Popcorn’s cute face =}
☁ Popcorn’s first day outside! =D
❤.❤ Photogenic Popcorn
^ᵜ^ Eating away a chew toy
ヅ Other Paw Trick
↠Bang Trick
↻ Turn and Double Turn Trick ↺
❣ Popcorn meets my best friend’s family
Popcorn’s First day at the Side Lane
ﭢ Beg Trick
Out Shopping with Popcorn for Popcorn’s Things
Off to a Wedding!
I miss Popcorn =)
Popcorn Through the Reflection :)
Yay Popcorn!
Deck the halls with boughs of holly!
➜ my toys made a semi-circle :D
✿ Photo of the moment
(◕.◕) Small face verses big ball :]
(^.^) yet another cute face
╥ Jumping Over the Leg Trick ╥
☢ Robot Tail
☃❅ Christmas Eve with Popcorn!
♕ Popcorn turns FOUR MONTHS!
☠ World’s Smallest poop
♨ Verdict on Brush Tail and Venison ♥
♥ Spreeeeee!
▩New Army Shirt!
❋ Bird watching moment
๑ Pretty photos taken by Daddy
☄ Popcorn, meet Rex :]
ψ The Rebellion Resurfaces
▒ Fluffiness takes a bath today =}
ヅ Popcorn and her new Giraffe toy!
It’s the last day of 2011! 

 November 2011 (41)

✽ p.o.p.c.o.r.n – How we decided on the name
░ Popcorn Bathes!
☄ The Attack of the Orange Pineapple
♏ It’s my birthday! Thanks mom and dad!
∞ Dog Whisperer Marathon
。◕‿◕。 Crate Shopping day!
✄ ✎ Material Hunting and Crate Making day!
☁ Bring HOME POPCORN day!
✈ Little explorer
☟☢ Potty Training Miracle :)))))))
snap snap ♨ nom….nom….
Popcorn T.V
░ First bath at home!
█ Baby at the door
☺Hey here Popcorn!
♣ Popcorn baby Closed Up :)
(◕^^◕) Belly up
✿ Good afternoon baby :)
✿ Photo of the moment
Towel Roll me up】
☺Sleepy ball face
=P tiny Temptations
Yellow Rope Chew Toy YouTube Video :)
✌ Vaccine day! And very first automobile ride with me =D
☟Down Trick
ϟ The Thunderous Clapping Sound
☄ The Struggle with Fish4dogs food and Feeding Time
♝ Visit to the Vet :[
✿ Popcorn lying down
Popcorn’s 3rd month Birthday!
Meet mr. frog
♛ Could you find a smaller guard dog?
❂ The day Popcorn climbs the steps :D
Popcorn with lotsa tongue =D
❂ Lazy Sunday
hello Popcorn!
❤ total lovin’ of her blue chew toy
◒ Change of Antibiotics :(
… I wonder what’s going on in your mind..
haha.. Popcorn guarding the door again 

 October 2011 (4)

✔ Making deposit, the day has ARRIVED ❣ ❣ ❣
♣ First Photos of Popcorn
✌ Second day at the Pet Store 

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