♣ Classes over da weekend! ♣


it’s Furday…

Mommy’s been in class the whoole day since early this morning and i’m alone at home :( i miss her… i’ve been wondering what time she’s gonna be home. Best friend said around 7 pm.. Poppy has hours more to go.. o.o *ticktock* Watching the clouds go by~ ☁ ☁ ☁

Saturday evening~!

i’m updating my facebookie on my own! Here’s what i said!

*Message #1*

“i’m hoping that all my furiends are in a pawsome mood and having a fabulous weekend! :} Stop by for a chase around the garden*! me ♥♥ yassss!” — i was clearly needing some playtime!! could you tell? *.*

*Message #2 my tini paws are getting a hang of typing!*

“oooo!!! i was so **HAPPY** when Mommy came back home just now! She stayed with me the entire night even though she was running low on energy and has got morning class tomorrow. :} Mommy rested on the living hall floor and it looked like she was falling into doooreammy land.. So i laid down beside her and kept her warm and safe :} ♥ =D Tell Mommy i love her will ya..? if you see her in your dooreamy land :} i don’t want to wake her just yet~ ♥

 *Sunday: My Big Surprise for mommy!!*

Dear Mommy, i politely asked best friend to take a photo of me and
send it over to you so you know that i’m missing you very much.
My exact words were (in case you didn’t get to see it…)

“Mommy jiayou! Cant waiy to.see u at.home!” @5.16 pm

 but i had more to say, so i took another photo
and sent it over to you two minutes later.

The message said:

“To wait.for.ur return, I.keep myself occupied by sun tanning….
Oooooo… Where is my sun tan lotion!”

i hope you liked it mommy!! This was my first time texting!

:D I’m loving it to bits dear Poppy. ♥

Phewww~~~ I’m finally home from class!! Just showered Poppy and gave Poppy her monthly dose of Revolution. :) And it’s dinnertime!! ♥ :)

I’m back now, giving Poppy a looong good massage, some snackies, and plenty of snuggles. :) Poppy must be thinking “IT’S PAY BACK TIME!” :D

Sunday Late Evening.. and Poppy exclaims ☄

eh? What a strange night this is. O.o First, I got scared by the sound of the door closing upstairs, then by Mommy screaming GOALLLLL, followed by Grandpa’s blasting the stereo as he walked past the dining hall and again when he went up the stairs. O.o Kaaaarazy Sunday the humans are having!! How yours dooing? =D


Tomorrow is Poppy’s Big Day!

She’s going for her spaying surgery. I’m feeling nervous, but i tried to hide it. i wonder if she could tell.. I spent the rest of the night researching about post-spay aftercare and found a really good website. I’ll put up the details, including a video about Post-Spay and Neuter Surgery on the next post :)

Poppy’s doctor’s appointment is at 9 am tomorrow morning, and we’re at least an hour away.
It’s 5.30 in the morning, and i’m off to bed. i’ll be praying to the dog god tonight…
Please Poppy, keep safe.. and be brave…  mommylovesyou

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