☆ Throwback: The Day I Met Cesar Millan!

i was missing life before Covid-19 and thought about the fun adventures from the good old days. :)

Here’s one i really like! 🥰

The day i met Cesar in person! THANKS to mom’s sneaky attempt to make this a reality fur me back in 2015 when Cesar Millan was here in Singapore holding one of his seminars! :P

Mom was learning Cesar’s ways in the seminar while I waited patiently in the car with a friend. :P I had no clue as to what was happening!

After what felt like foreverrrrrr, I saw mom gesturing to our friend to come over! hehe. The next thing i knew, i was skipping through the back doors of the seminar hall! :D *excited and sniffing in the atmosphere – but mostly because i remembered smelling FOOD* 😆🤣

And there… standing in the distance was Cesar! =O mom somehow made it happen!! 😉 i was really going to meet the MAN!

It was one of the happiest days for mom and i! Here’s a photo of me with Cesar! Till today, i still think it’s a funny photo. i can’t recall what i was looking at! :P

How time flies… I really wish for the chance to meet Cesar again someday! :)