❤ Feeling Grateful :D


Mom and i are spinning around in da roooooom!! :D i can’t believe it’s awards day again furiends! :D Mommy just saw that Miss Misaki had kindly shared twoooo awards with us! ♥.♥

The Kreativ Blogger Award…. and the Illuminating Blogger Award!

THANK YOU MISS MISAKI!! :D We’re beaming from ear to ear! :D

We feel very grateful and honored :) ♥ Here’s a little something for you! Thanks for making our day!! :}


As these two awards have different rules, we’ll start off with the Kreativ Blogger Awardieee! :D

I’ll be sharing 10 random facts about myself, and then nominating 7 furiends for the award! :}

So here goes! ;)

1 My name is Popcorn. Aka Poppy, Poooopie, small pants, tini, smallness, Poopie Poop, Poptart, Pooptart, baby, lil’ monkey, Pooooopcorn, Poppycorn, Poopiecorn, puny, tootsie, poopsie.

2 From the very first time i saw Mom, she has been carrying boxes that come in different sizes. Each one of them makes a snapping sound like a looney snapping machine. And if Mom’s with me, at least one of those boxes will be there. I’m now really used to snapping boxes… whether it’s the bulky and black one with the huge eye in the middle, the smaller rectangular box with a hole at the right hand corner, or the larger flat rectangular box with the same hole at the right hand corner…. i could sleep through allllll their snapping. :D It wouldn’t bother me one bit! ;) *Poppy’s Tip on How to Avoid the Snapping?* I realized that if i pretended to doze off, the snapping would almost completely stop :D Snoozing works 98% of the time! :D

3 When my tiny but sharp teeth accidentally brushes against mommy’s hand, i would lick that very spot on mom’s hand, and she would know that that’s my way of saying “i’m sorry”.

4 Strange question; but if any furkid or furparent would like to know how i smell like after my bath…… i smell like coconut scented body wash!  Mmmmm~mmmmm~ mom simply loves it. :D

5 i’m proud to say that i’m a real foodie, just like mom and best friend :D

6 Did you know that i have an older sister somewhere? Unfortunately, mom couldn’t bring her home because she was afraid she couldn’t cope with two new puppies and that it would be unfair for both of us if she wasn’t ready. After all, i’m her very first dog! :D

7 i’ll pick my cool marble tiles over any soft cosy bed anytime of the day! :D OH. Unless Mom’s on the soft cosy bed! i’ll follow her wherever!

8 There’s a small water fountain by the side of my bed and i just love to hear the sound of the water splashing throughout the day. :) i get the feeling that i’m in the rain forest. :}

9 My idea of accompanying mom and best friend at the work station involves climbing onto their laps, standing on my hind legs and resting my paws on the table, stretching my paws out onto the table, wagging my tail, and staying that way until either one of them pat, hug, hold me or does anything else in the world but work. :D *Poppy Paw^five*!

10 i can always put a grin on Mom’s face and make all of her tooooowables go away. :)


And now… for the nominees! 


 Next up! The Illuminating Blogger award :} 

(a) Share one random thing about yourself.

(b) Nominate 5 bloggers for the award.


Here’s one random thing about me!

This was how i used to check out my own reflection :D



Lately I’ve discovered some new furiends, and I would love to nominate them for this award! :)


Woooopeeeee that’s the end of today’s awards post! Congratulations furiends! :} Have a fabulous day guys! :D 


4 Comments on “❤ Feeling Grateful :D”

  1. Hey Poppy, Big Bro here.

    Poppy, if you get any cuter (video above) I’m going to have to fly over there, deal with quarantine, get a BIG BAT to protect you from any unsuitable gentlemen!

    Super duper congrats on TWO pawesome awards. You and Mommy write such great posts with awesome pics, posters, badges, and videos, Kreativ and Illuminating does not even fully cover your talents.

    Sending brotherly Jetty kisses (via the special Jetty Jet you made for me.) :) I’m so proud of you Poppy!

    Bear with us, we will catch up on our award posts, we promise. (Mom’s Mom, my human Nana fell a few times last week and another relative is ill, so, Mom’s even more time crunched than usual.

  2. Kroten says:

    My ow my…you keep getting more awards Poppy…well deserved!
    Thank you for passing it on us :)
    We will do our best to do it but might not be so soon.

    I like your idea of accompanying mom…your mom must love that ;)

  3. Dalton says:

    Wow thank you so so much for the nomination!! You is too kind!

  4. Hi Poppy Cutie Pie! A great big Sammy Hug and thanks for nominating me for the Kreativ Blogger Award…..I already have that one posted on my home page BUT I’m SOOO excited that you nominated me…..I love reading what fun things you’re up to and all your adventures and new tricks you’ve learned. Life as a puppy is pretty grand isn’t it??

    Kitty Hugs, Your Friend, Sammy

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