✽ p.o.p.c.o.r.n – How we decided on the name


It sounds silly now thinking about it, i wanted to name my first dog Jerry.


My mom said: EEE. My best friend said, HUH? WHYYYY. Don’t want LAH. so No Jerry. Subsequently, we thought about Ika, meaning Squid in Japanese.

Side-tracking: Ika Mentai (the food) is really good. Everybody should have a go at it. Try the one from Itacho Sushi at Ion Orchard, Plaza Singapura, or Bugis. Super Love. =D Loooooook…… super nice Ika Mentai ♨

Back to the topic, since I was told that Popcorn’s mom was from Taiwan, and Dad from Japan (or was it the other way round), Ika sounded like a good name at that time. So for the first few days, i went by the Pet store, calling Popcorn Ika. Poor kid must have been confused when people started staring in her face saying IKA!! LOOK HERE! Over the next few days, we were considering other names. Like those obviously related to her look (waffles, brownie, dad said brown-cow aka baileys, small thing because she was the smallest in her litter etc). Then…my best friend said “How about POPCORN?!” Ooooo. that caught my attention. loooooooooooooooove popcorn. absolutely adore those crunchy sweet and salted exploded things. What sealed the deal was when my friend asked, “Do you know what’s Popcorn in Chinese?……… BAOOOO MI HUAAA!!!!” funny!! (hahaa.. very funny~) but it really was la during the conversation. So there, her name was chosen. Yay! Perfect name! just seee her POPCORN HAIR.

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