♒ Swim coach meets Poodle


Popcorn experienced her very first swimming session in her red tub today. :D She and i were uber excited. I filled the tub with luke warm water after running several laps to get hot water. Best friend got the camcorder ready and assisted in the videoing process :D. Thanks babe!

The swimming lesson didn’t go as planned and as smoothly as we hoped, but then again it is these hick ups that make memories all the more memorable. :D Anyhow.. the over sized tub was still too small. o.O too narrow and too shallow. boo hoo. Popcorn’s hind legs stood firmly in the tub as i held her front paws up. haha and she didn’t have much place to travel. No matter how much she paddled, there was just no where else she could go, but stay put. Guess it’s time to shop at Toysrus for a children’s inflatable pool! The video and photos below pretty much explains what happened earlier on. haha. enjoy!

With such an epic fail, we went ahead to bathe her instead :P. Poppers was meowing for some reason. o.O She was a pretty good kid while blow drying today. Which reminds me, i really hope to get a blow dryer stand, or at least make one out of wood or something..

More hair trimming for mini poppers as the day went on:

Trimming hair can be extremely addictive. Once you start, it can be difficult to stop.  i’m surprised that Popcorn hasn’t been sent to the groomer’s because of trimming mistakes that need immediate rescuing. :D Well the thing that drives this “addiction” stems from trying to trim and trim and trim her fur coat, with hopes of attaining some substantial level of satisfaction when i see the outcome. I remember trimming Popcorn’s fur one day, and becoming extremely stressed out because i couldn’t stop cutting. o.o Best friend had to remind me that Poppers fur was looking great the way it was before i laid the scissors to rest o.O. ah hah. if not for her, i wonder how Popcorn would be looking like now 8). wooOoohOooo

Today, i trimmed her chest and belly fur. :) Pretty and tidy Popcorn is ready for the Lunar New Year :D

Yay i’m off to dinner. :D

            ♞ Popcorn Utilizing her Swimming Complex


12:48 a.m 

Dear baby had a fulfilling day with new adventurous and life experiences. :) She’s sleeping like a log now, not even the sound of the fridge door opening can wake the popcorn up. haha. i’m making reference to the fridge door because her treats are usually kept in the fridge, thus she’s extra sensitive to the sound of the door opening. :) Well then… perhaps swimming in this fashion provided her with a good dose of exercise today :) still, i can’t wait to get her an inflatable children’s pool! :D happy dreaming pops. rest abundance. :] ❤

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