♛ Giggs Sleep Overrrrr!


It was late afternoon and Giggs and Sissy had just arrived. :) 

I was a little late, Poppy had already seen them approaching the door and started to go BONKERS! O.O ooops. I brought Popcorn up to my bedroom hoping to keep her calm as i feared that her extreme excitement may hurt her wound. She was struggling really hard to sneak a peek at Giggs. Poor baby..

At the bedroom, Poppy walked about anxiously, whining, and sniffing and waiting at the door. She could hear my sister talking and perhaps Giggs’ nails hitting against the marble floor as he zoomed about in the living hall. Poor Poppy, she must have been feeling really lost.. but i knew she wasn’t ready to meet Giggs up close yet. Her stitches were only a week old. It was only after Giggs was placed in his crate that Poppy finally made her way downstairs. My heart ached as i watched dear Popcorn searching desperately for Giggs.

Then Look What Mom Did

BOL! Poppy says “Give me my nose BACK!!!” And there’s more ☛

Can you spot the tongue?

mmmm… what’s going on??

eh. Something’s on me nose!!

i think it says cotton.


WhOoohOoooO!!!!!! Got ya!

Next in line. Poppy does the BANG!

and snuggles up on Mommy’s lap =D 

BOL!!! All Hell Breaks Loose o.o

Peanut (my sister’s cat) went into Popcorn’s crate wanting to drink some water, Poppy saw and dashed towards Peanut, protective of her bottle. Peanut leaped up the stairs and RAN from the battle. The very next second Mommy opened the main door and Giggs ran in faster than ever — Dashing through the living hall — Poppy CHASED after — Giggs rushed into Poppy’s crate, and stole Popcorn’s squeakers, Poppy ran towards him wide-eyed and fearless.

Who would have expected this on a Monday of April?

(The above photo was not taken today, but Poppy sure looks wide-eyed here :D)

The Conversation Across the Fence

Separated by a fence, Poppy and Giggs still managed to communicate with each other. Poppy whining, and Giggs doing a low woof sound. Hugs Poppy.. you’ll get to roll in the sand and play belly rubs with Giggs in a few days okay? Giggs will be staying with us for the next 10 days :) i promise. Right now you have to stay relaxed, and not bounce around too much. :) mommy loves you :)

I think Giggs was afraid of the rolling sound of thunder. 

5 Comments on “♛ Giggs Sleep Overrrrr!”

  1. Hey poppy, jet here. U r so adorable, I can’t stand it!!!

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