♞ Happy Popcorn M. Baomihua Day!!


Dear Sunny from Facebookie gave Mom and I a big surprise this evening!! :D 

Sayin’ “Aroooooooooo! Happy Popcorn M. Baomihua Day, June 9!!”

Sunny said,
“Hi Popcorn… I’m so sorry that I am only here now! FB “popped” you into my spam folder! Grrr. I’m so very happy to meet you and am excited to add so many new furiends to the wheel…. we gonna have lotsa smiles when it’s YOUR day :) You know what??? I think I’m gonna bypass the wheel and just make it your day today!! Aroooooooooo!!! Darn ole spam. Hugs from Sunny ♥”
I asked Sunny how the wheel works and this was what she said :) “I get the Lovely Assistant (that’s what Momma makes me call her) spin the wheel with all my furiendies names onnit. Then when it lands on a name, we Celebrate that furiend that day! The wheel makes it random so I can get to everyone old and new and it’s kinda a surprise that way. It’s just a dog logic way of bein happy…. see, humans celebrate stuff like National Green Pepper Day n stuff.. I’d rather Celebrate my furiends every day, makes them smile, feel special, meet some new furiends…”
Isn’t Sunny a sweet pea? :} Sunny also shared on her page that…
“Today is gonna be … OH! Yay! The wheel landed on an old furiend who found his home the same time I found mine!! Happy “I am Rowdy” Day!! And I’m gonna override the wheel and declare that it’s Happy Popcorn M. Baomihua Day! Dear Popcorn sent me a sweet note to make furiends and it was lost in the Spam folder… so, I’ll pull little Popcorn out and we can Celebrate!!! Aroooooooooo!”
Tsktsk. “I’ve been PULLED out!” =P Mom and i share the same Happy Day as Rowdy!
Thank you so much dear Sunny! The photo is beauutiful!!! And we LOVE it!
Mom said “i love popcorn!! And this picture has Popcorn riding on a bunch of popcorn!!” Tsktsk.
I’m officially doing the *HAPPY POPPY DANCE* as i narrate this blog post while Mom types on the computer! Tee hee. You’ve made today very special for Mom and i, and we’re really happy! (mom’s beaming, and i’m dancing away!) We’re so thankful to have met you Sunny! :) Love you dear pal! Sending Poppy hugs and kisses to you! :} #9th of June yay!!
.We hope you like it! :D ❤ By the way, we totally love your wheel spinning special furiend day idea!
Have a happy weekend guys!!

4 Comments on “♞ Happy Popcorn M. Baomihua Day!!”

  1. Bassas Blog says:

    What a lovely idea! :)

  2. Dropping by on the pet blogger hop this weekend. Enjoy your weekend with your fur-kids.

    Drop by to hear Mike the African Grey sing, “I kissed a girl, and I liked it.” Pretty cool…


  3. Rama's Mama says:

    Hi Popcorn! New subscriber here from the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop! You are so cute! Hope you’ll come by and see us soon! http://raisingrama.blogspot.com/

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