✎ Quick Update Today :D [video post]


Quick Update Today :D

The little furball was running on the deck this afternoon, playing chase with Grandma. Her tiny galloping paws made the neighbor’s dog, Rex bark non stop. :D

The last time Poppy *blessed* our BINGO cards, we didn’t win anything. This time, we asked Popcorn to give several sniffies and lickies. :D Hopefully that’ll bring us some more luck!

Poppy’s new safety light for evening walking was a hit in da neighborhooood. :D teehee.
Some neighbors were saying “Whoa your dog has a light! That’s good! :D
They even took a couple of photographs of Poppy :P

Overall Poppy looks happy today, her gums look okay too and her appetite is well. :) I tried to gently stroke her teeth with the new kiddy tooth brush though. :) She was okay :} 

In the night, Popcorn and i played in the dark. It was fun stuff being chased around by a fluffy furball in the darkness. We played hide and seek too. But who’s gonna wanna try and win a game of instincts! Popcorn beat me paws down tonight! :D


Drinking from da bottle.

Whenever Popcorn walks out of her crate after drinking water, she always looks really proud of herself :D haha. The small furball’s proud that she knows where her water is at. I can still recall the time when Poppy was a little baby, and she couldn’t find her bottle that was placed inside her crate. :D It was the funniest thing to watch her reaching for the mouth of the bottle from outside her crate. Here’s a video of her doing that on her first day home. I still get giggles in my belly watching her. :D

Taken on: 16th November 2011. Popcorn was 3 months old :)