№ title post :D


The Walk

Baby was splendid this evening. :) We went out with mommy, daddy, and sissy. :D I think Popcorn has gotten the hang of walking on her leash (all thanks to the East Coast Free Pet Shop event). :} Seeing other doggies walking on their leashes sure got Poppy to realize that walking is normal. :P She also made it up the curb today :D no more chin bangs :D!

The check back, making sure the pack is set
We noticed that Popcorn looked back at Daddy and sissy whenever they were too far behind, and she would stop and wait for them to catch up. :P oh how responsible you are Poppy. tee hee. She did this throughout the walk today. :) ❤ Protective of her pack ;)


The Dress Phobia

Baby freaked out at the sight of the dress sliding off the sofa. o.o She ran sideways away from the dress with a fearful stare. oh boy. — So i let her face her fears. haha. I brought Poppy close to the dress and her tail was between her legs. So i slowly coaxed her to sniff the dress. :) Eventually i was running together with the dress, and Poppy was chasing after :D her tail no more hiding ;) tweet.


Playing at Boardwalk

Mommy stole Poppy from the living hall and sneaked her to the boardwalk. haha.
They played Chase. :D She was uber happy :} Daddy and I whip out our cameras,
and seconds later we were snapping away. :D ❤


It’s Dinner Time!

She finished all her kibbles!

For the very first time in 2 weeks!
oh baby. i’m so glad 

Drinking after her nice meal :D

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