☁ OoohOoo! We’re Off to da BEACH!!


I was uber excited when Mom told me that we were going to the beach today! The beach guys!! :D It’s been a while since our last visit, but it’s time again! :D Wooopeee!

The fur-less put me up for a challenge this evening….. the challenge was to walk all the way to the beach and back without needing a piggyback ride along the way. The Journey? 6 kilometers long! O.O! WHOA.

OKAY MOM! Count me in on da challenge! 6 kilometer walk! Here i come!

1 meter done, 5,999 meters to go! :D

40 minutes later…

That’s me resting after walking 3 kilometers! :D

*phew* i needed that break :D

We stopped for a break when we reached the beach. :D After drinking some water that Mom brought for me, I stood by the sidewalk and enjoyed the nice cool breeze. :D It was a wonderful evening… there were many fur-less around… but surprisingly no furkids?! On a Sunday??? What’s going on~~~ mom? o.O

Perhaps they were all snoozing in wonderland….. or just busy looking out for squirrels…….. enjoying a swim, or playing fetch….. :| It’s too bad though, tonight was purrfect..!

Mom and Grandpa and Grandma and best friend were so proud of me! I DID IT! My four paws walked the full 6 clicks! Yaaaaaaay!!!!! :D So who said i needed that piggyback!

…..but wait a minute.. Does this mean that i’mma big girl already? o.O ……. but i.. don’t… want…. to be a big girl…..

Mom! Throw those big girl pants away right this instance!

And uh-hmm. Where’s my good girl tweat?