☟☢ Potty Training Miracle :)))))))


So surprised and proud of my baby girl. :)))))))

How we did it

(a) Created a separate potty area within her den (best to be directly opposite her sleeping area, or at the far end of her bed).

(b) Layered the potty area with Puppy Training Pad or Pee Pad.

(c) Sprayed Wee Wee Training Spray (available at any Pet store i believe) at the center of the pee pad.

(d) Shoved her into the potty area immediately after she ate.


(a) She sniffed around the pee pad for about 6 to 7 seconds.

(b) Pee instincts kicked in…

(c) And voila! She pee-ed!

*We immediately positively reinforced her good behavior by clapping and cheering (looking almost ridiculous), petting her, sayang-ing her, saying YAY! GOOD GIRL! — In other words, making her feel like she just won the best doggie award. :P

(d) We continued to observe her behavior over the next few hours. Waiting patiently for the BIG one to arrive. =D And also observed over the next few days to see if she would return to her relief spot to pee/poop when she roamed outside her crate. The final test was to see what happened during the night, and when we were away (i.e. not directly watching her).


Popcorn GRADUATED from potty training class! Special thanks to the Wee Wee Spray from PetLovers, as well as the people who so graciously took time to share useful training guides and tips on websites and forums. Popcorn has never pee-ed any where else other than in her spot :) yippee! Success!

  • Caught in Action

Below is a video of Popcorn doing the BIG one. She does this extremely cute ritual each time. A must see ;)

*Disclaimer: Hope you guys already ate just in case the following video and photos spoils your appetite.

Popcorn’s Poop Ritual:

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