☄ Whaaad….Sunday at the Work Station!


It’s Sunday but work is piling up at the desk, *pukes*. Nothing else to make my day except to have dear Poppy come accompany me at the work station ♥

Here’s some photos i took today. :D What a Major distraction!

Say hi to the Golden Poodle Monkey Poo

hey mom! can you tell that i’m bored?!

i’m sitting quietly at my chair *being such a good girl*

shhhh.. i’m starting to draw some attention to myself by doing this ☛ 

i’mm migrating over to…

hey mom! can you see me?

tadah! Here i am. As you can tell…i don’t quite like being on the chair that much. :D

okay Poppy… and i wonder how much work i can get done today… -.-

To relief myself of some guilt, i put Poppy down and tried to re-focus on the task at hand.

Look what she gave me:

How to resist? #the dog that knows how it’s done 


4 Comments on “☄ Whaaad….Sunday at the Work Station!”

  1. Poppy, u r adorable. You hAve mastered puppy face!

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