*.* Popcorn POPPING!



Look Who’s Here Popcorn? 

Dear Daniel and Christina came to visit this evening and Poppy was absolutely elated… :D The furball certainly wasn’t shy about showing it! :P She wrapped her new friends with all the love she could possibly give; with rainbow sprinkles and all. :} Oh the furball had a great time twirling around Daniel’s legs, climbing onto his lap, and flipping over for belly rubs. :} She would run around the living hall, pause to give a couple of kisses and then flip over for more snugglies. This Popcorn certainly knew how to work her visitors! She must have had at least 25 minutes worth of belly rubs within their 1 hour visit! Lol Poppy, i’m glad you made friends so quickly :) 

Best friend and i were really happy that Christina was finally willing to pat Poppy and even let Poppy give her a couple (more like a dozen) of kisses today. :D It was a memorable moment. Imagine that dear Christina used to be afraid of being beside Poppy…. and even resorted to *skipping* across the living hall and requesting that Poppy be carried at all times. :D We are so proud of her efforts and courage this evening. :} ♥ Way to go Christina!

And of course, the spot light was on Popcorn for a good 15 minutes this evening. :D Nothing like a Trick for Treats Performance by Poppy Poopie Poop! =D

With great company, good stories, and a cheeky little bouncing furball, this was certainly an evening of fun and enjoyment :} ♥!


3 Comments on “*.* Popcorn POPPING!”

  1. Hey Poppy, Jetty here.

    Wow, you gave Miss Christina pet therapy and now she’s cured! My sister, Koko, did her best pet therapy at the children’s hospital for 4.5 years with Mom. There was one little boy terrified of Koko. After 3 visits, he was able to pet her back 1/2 while Mom gave her Koko kisses on her face.

    Maybe you should go pro, become a certified pet therapy team with Mom, you guys would ROCK!

  2. You are very photogenic Popcorn.

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