❄ Another day with my Little One ❄


I saw Poppers munching up her breakfast as I came down the stairs this morning. So I tipped toed down the remaining stairs. :) A delightful greeting from miss poppy corn came my way! :D it’s nice to know that between food and me, I win her vote. :D snuggles.. So anyway, I was really busy the entire day and didn’t really have much interaction time with Popcorn, except at night of course. :D Lying beside her is therapeutic, especially after a hard day’s work. :) We’ll look into each other’s eyes, (smell each other’s breath?), snuggle up and feel safe. :) Tonight, I dozed off with her right by my side. My little protector. :} that was the perfect nap time I needed. Double nice because you were beside me. <3 As i dozed in and out of sleepiness, I kinda realized that her breathing rhythm and mine is surprisingly similar. We’re both shallow breathers. :) Makes us somehow fit don’t you think? Over the past three months, i’ve found myself picking up on some of the similarities we share. For instance, our sudden spurts of excess energy (e.g running around the room), getting excited and holding our breath, love for hair cuts (hahaha… maybe a biased perception on my part), sprinting, eating, best friend would say “naughty and always testing boundaries” but I beg to differ :D, playing chase, curious, timid but still k-po. Haha. I’m confident we’ll find more similarities down the road. :D

On a less happy note, I got slightly upset tonight about Popcorn’s current fur coat. I made a mistake three months ago, and recklessly thinned down Popcorn fur. Recalling how her baby fur used to feel like sends daggers to my heart. :( I shouldn’t have…. So tonight, I’m on a desperate mission to rescue the mess I’d created. Wish me luck! So far, the only option is to wait it out. But I’m hanging on to some inkling of hope that I can salvage the situation tomorrow. :) Needing all the luck, and creative brain power o.o Until tomorrow folks ;)

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