❂ It’s a Lazy Sunday (for poppy) but Spring Cleaning day for me!


Time for some good t.v! :) 

:D Poppy on the couch water t.v with me! ♥ 


✷ Spring Cleaning Day! ✷

Poppy watched quietly from the side as I gave her home a Spring Cleaning today :D She made no movement, only sat quietly beside me. :} Yes Poppy? Mommy’s cleaning your house for you. :) It’s going to be germ-free and nice smelling ;) Keep it clean okay! lol. :) I would like to think that Poppy’s happy :} Spring Cleaning also extended to areas where Poppy often hangs out, for instance her little corner by the stairs. :D Now, it’s all sparkly clean! Yay! No longer needing Poppy working part-time as a stairway cleaner to cover her rental at Property Stairway-Corner ☛ 

a little popcorn working hard to pay her rent :P

A video showing Poodle Popcorn working part-time as a stairway cleaner to cover her rental
at Property Stairway-Corner (a part of the house she clearly owns) :D View her in action.

Day 1: Getting Used to the Job
Day 2: Working like a Pro
Day 3: She went on for 3 whole minutes without stopping (Speed x2)

Taken on 4th of March 2012 :)

♥ over and out !

8 Comments on “❂ It’s a Lazy Sunday (for poppy) but Spring Cleaning day for me!”

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  2. Rayya says:

    Loved both vidoes. You did so well to contain your laughter until the very end of the first video. Hysterical! Great post.

  3. Miss Maple often ‘cleans’ our tile floors, too! But only when she feels like it. And when the chore is done, off to sleep she goes. The photo of Poppy watching TV is adorable—love that cute nose of hers!

    • Heya Miss Maple’s Mommy! :D Miss Maple does household chores too? :} How cute! Yeah they clean with a surge of energy, and then poooof, energy drained and it’s time to recharge! :D Very nice to have you visit! ;) I’ll be sure to tell Poppy! :} She’s currently recovering from her surgery, your words will totally make her day! :}

  4. […] to tidy up my room. Smallness’ bell on her collar was ringing away, she must have been wiping the stair way again, or battling with zebit :D But the sound of the bell was drawing closer…. and her […]

  5. grouchoandt says:

    Well done Popcorn! I think Groucho might need to learn some housecleaning tips from you!

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