♞ Popcorn’s my little shadow tonight


Yeehaa! Poppy’s upstairs with me at the work station. :P

hanging out beside :)

chilling on the mat :)

laying on the lap :D

Wooot! Toofy FelL!!!! :D

Toofy fell!!! :D I was playing fetch with Poppy and she suddenly stopped and licked her lips for a while so I went over to check. I saw that toofy was loose! Teehee. Oh baby. I gave it a gentle shake and toofy came off. Wooohooo! Then i washed it and placed it on the table for photo taking later! ;)

The furball started jumping and looking at me with bright marble eyes. I assumed she needed to pee so i brought her downstairs and came back upstairs to finish some work. Minutes later, i heard bells ringing. Why are bells ringing so loudly? I had the feeling that the furball might have sneaked up the stairs. I walked down the stairs and the sound of the bells became louder. Lol. This was what i saw:


HA! Look who we have here! *nose wriggles*

She ran down the stairs immediately.

“okay mommy…. Popcorn knows she did wrong. :(“

“please don’t be mad… at me?”

*Trying hard to give the classic look*

Haha. Okay Poppy, you are forgiven! ;)

So it was dinner time!

I fed Poppy and then went to the restroom. But guess what i heard outside the toilet door. POOPY BELLS! I pushed open the door and saw the tiny butt wriggling back to the living hall. LOL!!

Then i made my way towards the kitchen and the same thing happened! The furball was right behind me! Haha. What’s up Popcorn? You’re my little shadow tonight. :D Appearing everywhere i go! :P

Sleepyhead knocked out at the corner of the stairs for the rest of the night. :)  Sleep tight baby! I love you very much little Popcorn :)

*Gonna book for Popcorn’s dental tomorrow!*