✖ Mini Heart Attacks ✖


Popcorn jumped from a high platform tonight and gave me
a mini heart attack! =O


This was what happened. I jumped down the platform after blow drying Popcorn, and the furball followed. Two of her paws landed on the thin blue cushion, and the other two landed on the hard marble floor. O.O

Mom prepared Poppy’s kibbles and placed it on the ground earlier on and I suppose Poppy decided that jumping down from high ground for her food was the next best move. Boy was i surprised that she even considered jumping. Normal timid Poppy would fear being on any high ground and just stay in one spot and wait to be rescued. But this brave Poppy tonight showed no fear. In a matter of microseconds, the furball took a leap of faith. Thank goodness she didn’t break an ankle, sprain a leg, or fractured anything. A mini heart attack this was. POPPY… LEAPING FROM HIGH GROUND ISN’T FOR EVERY FURKID. Got it Poops?

OH speaking about mini heart attacks! Poppy and i saw a RAT on our walk this evening. o.O It came out of NO WHERE and did a semi circle on the running track before disappearing. -.- A semi-circle? I think he got lost and realized he was on foreign ground. Everyone stopped in their tracks and waited for the path to clear. Poppy on the other hand, did not even notice. Lol. She was distracted by the guys playing basketball. I wonder how she would have reacted to this ☛




After dinner, we brought Poppy upstairs and she chilled on the sofa and watched some TV. Then she slept on the sofa as i did some work :) It was nice having the furball beside :} 

2 Comments on “✖ Mini Heart Attacks ✖”

  1. Chancy and Mumsy says:

    Good girl Poppy, making that jump and no injuries. So you like basketball? We are glad you watched the basketball and didn’t see that rat…we don’t like rats. Hugs and nose kisses

    • :D Thanks Mumsy for saying that i’mma a good girl! Mom seems to think otherwise!! Yup, i love watching basketball (actually i love watching people in general!), but if the ball ever comes close, this little Poppy RUNS! teehee. Huggies and nose kisses!

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