❂ Shoe day & Scooter Night! ☾


Hey guys! Remember the oversized shoes that Mom wanted to exchange at Pet Lovers? :D She did it this evening so i’ve got new shoooooes again!! It’s a pretty BLOOOOO!! This is me trying them on. :D Mom and our helper laughed so hard when they saw me galloping and dashing around the living hall. I WAS REALLY DASHING! But of course Mom! I really wanted you to know how happy i was! :D Mom took the following photos of me after my dashing spree. You’ll notice that in most photos my tongue was out. tsktsk. Panting away i was. :D WoooohOooo! What a night!  PURE HAPPINESS!



i’m having a good time :)




how do you like my shooooes? :D



mom likes this photo

i’m posing!

i love my new bloooo shoes!


Late Night Walkie!

Teehee. After shooe tryin, we went for a late night walkie and i had mah new shoooes on! Best friend had a swell idea to take our scooter out for a spin. Cesar walks his dogs while wearing roller blades and best friend thought maybe she could do something like that with me too! tsktsk. Maybe i’ll even get to ride on the scooter guys! :D That’ll be pawsome! I’ll be the cooolest dog in the neighborhood!!

This is me on the scooter when i was thwree months old. Hideous hair if you ask me! (MOM, what did you do to my hair!)

I was pretty scared then. Well that’s because i was uber tiny! (Poppy, you are still uber tiny) But now, i’mma brave Popcorn! And if you let me, i’ll show you just how brave i am! :D So we have a deal Mom? You walk, i ride! Super Deal!!!

10 minutes into the walk.

We came to a straight and smooth road and best friend decided that it was time for us to try out our scooter! :D *YES!* Mom passed the leash over to best friend and best friend went on the scooter while i stood beside. o.O EH? That wasn’t the deal Mom! It wasn’t! I was supposed to BE ON the scooter, and the rest of you were supposed to WALK! Whaddup? I expressed my displeasure and sat my bum on the floor, refusing to walk. There. I hope you know that i’m really unhappy right now. >=|

Mom came over to mediate. She stood between best friend and i and gently tugged on the leash. She said “Come on Popcorn, you can do it. Let’s walk :}” I didn’t really want to give in to Mom. I just wanted to make a statement.. But Mom was really persuasive. She was patient.. and gentle too. It didn’t take long before i took my first step forward. Then Mom and best friend cheered for me! Oooohooo~ it was my proud moment :} After a couple of minutes, Mom upped the challenge and started running while best friend scooted. :D I started to pick up my pace too. Whoa… it was fun to feel the wind on my face and run alongside best friend and mom :D I sure hope we use the scooter on our next walk again! ;)


7 Comments on “❂ Shoe day & Scooter Night! ☾”

  1. Stewey says:

    Hi Popcorn,
    My name is Stewey, and I just found your blog! I love your little shoes, especially the
    paw prints on the bottom :) You sure are adorable! Stop on by sometime!

  2. haopee2 says:

    Hello Poppy. The new shooesies look nice on you. I’m glad you enjoyed wearing them… or where you running to take them off.

    LOL. Anyway, you have a great week.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  3. Chancy and Mumsy says:

    Sweet Popcorn we do like your new blooo shoes…they are cute but not as cute as you! Your walk and scooter adventure sounded like fun. Good for you making a statement! hugs and nose kisses

  4. raisingdaisy says:

    Those shoes are so cute and you look absolutely adorable in them! You should become a puppy model! :D

  5. Nice shoes Popcorn! You’re getting to be QUITE the girl for fashion statements aren’t you!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  6. Sarge says:

    Hey Popcorn!
    Wow, what fun shoes! Love the little pawprints on the soles. I predict lots of great walkies in your near future! Thanks for the comment on my blog about an award. I can’t quite see what it is, but I appreciate it and I think we’ll be good furiends!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  7. Dogs N Pawz says:

    I love the shoes! They are awesome and it doesn’t hurt that they are on the cutest little dog ever!

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