@.@ Ooops.


i found me some floooowers and helped myself to some tea time snackie. who knew they belooonged to grandma anywaaay.. oooops… .. i’m sorwee grandmaaa…
*happie birthday grandma….*
O.O =X

4 Comments on “@.@ Ooops.”

  1. Misaki says:

    Whoopsie! But I’m sure you’ll be forgiven if you turn on the puppydog eyes:-)

  2. raisingdaisy says:

    Sweet little Popcorn, who could ever get mad at you for anything – you’re far too adorable! Your little face just melts our hearts and always makes us smile. We hope you didn’t get sick from your little snack. So nice to see you again! :)

    • Hi Daisy!!!! Thank you so much fur visiting me even though I’ve been away for far too long.. Thank you thank you dear Daisy and Daisy Mom! :) <3<3 My stomach is making weird noises right now. Mom can hear it from a distance! We'll know soon enough if it'll be okay.. *Paws are crossed*!

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