❂ Good Morning Baby!


Morning Popcorn!

Misty effect: Cool air in the bed room meets tropical warm climate in the living hall.

:D Mommy made a nice plate of Snapper for lunch today. Yummy. She spoke about what Popcorn did last night while I was out. The tiny fur ball apparently tested her boundaries near the sofa, inching her way into the forbidden zone (the sofa area). She took small steps towards the area and looked up at my mom. Daddy picked her up and sayang-ed her, and my mom said Popcorn was happy until “mei hua jiang” (i.e. speechless). Both folks were discussing very seriously why Popcorn was even given this boundary in the first place, and if they should let her cross the line. Mom said, “As if this decision was very important like that”. Heh. Two cute folks. Then Mom talked about how Popcorn stopped at the main door of the living room and stood there waiting for them when they came home. She isn’t allowed near the door, at most just 10 inches before the door. Mom said, “I scolded her and she ran all the way back to the crate with her tail scared straight” Haha. Popcorn… so naughty ah.. heh and totally entertaining XD

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