❂ The morning after i got home from my five day trip :D


This morning was all about dear Popcorn ❤ 

I came downstairs while Popcorn was eating her breakfast. :) She left her food and came running towards me. Oh how I missed this feeling of seeing her every morning. :D She’ll always be the reason why i’ll think twice before going on an overseas trip. They do that to you don’t they?

I’m glad baby hasn’t forgotten me :) looooovessss, or kicked up a fuss because of my absence. I brushed her teeth, brushed her fur.. played with her, and surrounded her with love the first thing this morning. Mom said that Popcorn life is really good. :) Really Popcorn? Do you feel the same way too?

I’m happy to report that Popcorn’s flushed ears are a-ok. ;) wooot. Best friend said that it was perhaps the hot weather that caused this reaction. I however like to think that my return made her extremely happy her ears lit up :D


Mommy said that Popcorn cleans our floor everyday. :D and she realized that Popcorn doesn’t fancy a poke in the butt. She shows a face like “hey.” :D 

-i love you baby. so much.

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