☛ Furball was THAT hungry


Dinner was served and the little furball dived into her bowl of kibbles right away. I walked towards the t.v area to catch the last few minutes of the show on HBO.


((((Poppy usually devours her kibbles in under 2 minutes)))) :D


25 minutes later…

I heard the sound of a porcelain dish shifting about on the marble floor.

Poppppppppy….. No more foodie left in the bowl! You don’t think kibbles would miraculously appear do you? =P

I went over and held her in my arms. OHHKAY.. here’s some nutrigel. Yummy right? ;)

Lol.  oh, i love you babe! :)


2 Comments on “☛ Furball was THAT hungry”

  1. haopee says:

    Last night I experienced the same thing with my puppy Chooey. The water was gone and I didn’t know until the last minute. Chooey was scratching on the water bowl her size.

    Huggies and Cheese,


    • Haha! How adorable! :D A water bowl her size! Chooey doesn’t bark to inform you? :P Popcorn doesn’t bark at all, except to inform us that there’s poop. ;)

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