❅ At the Freezer with da Cookie Thief :D


All the tiredness from late nights were washed away when i saw Popcorn after a wedding lunch today. :) You put a huge smile on my face, and in my heart little Poppy. :) Love you very much. :) ♥

Play time at the Freezer

hot weather plus one hilarious idea!

Because the weather was so hot.. best friend opened the freezer door and stood in front of it for several seconds. She decided that Popcorn may have been just as hot, so she carried the furball up to face the freezer too (well actually, Popcorn was a third into the freezer. Lol). As the cool air blew on Poppy’s face, the furball looked like she was meditating. Her heart was beating steadily, she was calm, relaxed, and she looked like she was enjoying a little piece of Antarctica. Best friend sweared Poppy was having a really good time. They both were. :D

The Cookie Thief

Best friend went to the kitchen and came back to the sound of crunching cookies. o.O She walked towards the crate and saw the little fluffy ball crouching over the piece of tissue paper ——- with Tweats scattered all over it! POP-PY!!! What do you think you’re doing huh. Those aren’t yours!? At least not yet?! Haha. “OOPS” she says. Best friend cleared her throat and made a *hrmph* sound as she walked over to the Cookie Cruncher. The furball looked at her with the cutest little guilty expression…. back-tracked a couple of steps, and continued peeping at the tweats from the corner of her eyes. :D

Teaching the Cookie Thief a New Trick

Best friend is teaching Poppy a new trick now, but it’s a tough one. We want Poppy to learn to open her crate door by biting and pulling on a towel. o.O yeah! What a challenge! :D heh. Right now, we’re encouraging Poppy to bite on the towel —- The Outcome? Failing terribly. Why? Because we used to scold Poppy for biting on towels and floor mats -.- We’re still trying, but there’s a high possibility that we’ll have to look for another Pull-item, maybe a flavored rope or something, what do you think? :D

We’re reinforcing Popcorn’s biting behavior with Clicker Training…. but right now, we’re not clicking very much! :P We’ll update more about this when we see some progress. Wish us luck! :D

Night time with Poppy

snuggily snuggily Poppy wooot!

I went downstairs and carried the furball…. shoulder ride style, rock the baby style, carry up in the air style, and this style..

Gave her belly rubs, and tried to find her tickle spot. I think i actually found it! It’s at the right side of her belly just 3 fingers below her “underarm” (is that what you call it?) :D Whenever i tickle that spot, Popcorn’s paws go into automatic kicking mode, and she’ll show you the “ahh hey mom what’s… what’s going on…?” look, with the cutest confused expression. tsktsk.

“It’s a tickle Poppy, you’ll grow to love it. xD”

Tonight was a lovely belly rubbing session :) I felt us bonding all over again :} Love you poopsie! Night night!! i hope your weekend has been great so far guys! :) Gonna pop by your blogs now! Mom’s FINALLY FUR-FREE!!


3 Comments on “❅ At the Freezer with da Cookie Thief :D”

  1. […] new trick so much easier now that Popcorn is willing to bite the rope! :} It’s The Perfect Pull-item! — Poppy did not want to bite anything else that we “stuffed” in her face […]

  2. great way to cool off Poppy. I would get that best friend’s name and contact information in case you need her again!

  3. Rama's Mama says:

    Well sometimes the furballs have to chews on stuff dey’s not s’posed to. My favorite is paper towels. The Mama no like when I do dat. I wish she could carry me like you carries da Popcorn! That would be so fun!

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