✲ Mischief All Weekend!


Here’s a quick update!

Popcorn’s newest interest involves transporting slippers illegally. Yes, that’s right.. Transporting slippers —— illegally across the invisible border. This tiny being has been sneaking behind Mommy and Daddy’s back while they weren’t looking, and transporting slippers from the front door, across the hallway, back to her corner. O.O! What’s that all about Poppy? The last i recalled, you weren’t THAT into slippers and shoes?! o.O? So what changed your mind Poopie? Was it because you lost interest in your squeakies? Or were you just seeking an adventure? Either way.. you knew you were going to hear some intense shhhh-ing and ay-ings, and maybe even some screaming from Mom and Dad, so why did you still do it huh? :D

It was the cutest little mischief caught in the act. :P She did it not once, not twice, but threeee times last weekend! :D

Haha. Little furball, what’s Your Next Big Move? :D 


Next up! Popcorn Learns to….

Bite on Another Object and uses it to Pull her Crate Door Open!