✿ Yay! Cloudless Dayee!!


☁ Helloooooo clear skies!!! =D

Weeeeeeeeee!!! We got clear skies today guys! :D It was wonderful! You won’t believe how happy i was :D And it was like Grandma and Grandpa decided to celebrate the wonderful weather by taking me on a walk while Mom was out! Weeeeeepeeee! It’s been a while since i’ve gone out alone with Grandma and Grandpa so this makes TODAY really special :D And guess whooooo else decided to join in da fun!? Wanti!! :D She’s my other best friend in this household, and she’s the first person i see every morning too! :D

Excited i was about being out with the new pack, i was Speedy Gonzales on my walk today. :P

I was all ready to show the world who my family was, and all ready to show Grandma and Grandpa and Wanti where i usually go. :P But then i noticed something. Somebody was panting away two steps behind me throughout the walk. o.O? I think this person even told Grandma that i was walking tooooooo fast, and that it was giving her leg cramps! tsktsk. :D Sure of course grams caught up with my speed and we still managed to walk side by side, but dear Wanti was trailing behind! “Come on Wanti!! Let’s go see what lies ahead!” ^^

Mom would have called me Miss Speedy if she had seen me today :D

I really had a great time today! I even saw Giggs’ long distance furamily — Another Westie! Hoohoo! *Paw^fives!*


Training for a new trick can be tiring!! Zzzzzz…Zzzzzz…

It’s day twoo of training for the *surprise trick*. :) Mom is documenting my progress on video she says. Training for a new trick can be so tiring guys! I tried and tired to understand the commands, i did my best and i was given many tweats along the way. But then i got tired after a while… Zzzzz…. Best friend understood and we took many mini breakies along the way. :} Thanks best friend, I needed that! :D Mom said i had some proud moments today, i managed to perform the trick 5-8 times! Yippee!! Then again…. i’m not too sure which behavior she was referring to though :P, i just feel really *HAPPY* when i see Mom and best friend cheering for me with HUGE grins on their faces. ;) ♥ Wooohooo! It’s aaaamazing!!

I’m looking forward to training time again tomorrow! :D *tweats tweats tweaty tweats!* Wish me luck guys! I love you! *nods* :}