◘ It’s all Pics day :D


The closest photo to >>>>>

I turned to the right today and saw Poppy asleep like this. :}
Looks like the lights were too bright. :)


Popcorn’s Famous Waiting Position


It’s Bathing Time!

Have you guys seen this video? ♥

In the midst of Blow Drying

…thought I’d show you how she looks :D

 TaDah!  Welcome back the fluffed ball! ;)


Greetings to best friend’s brother this evening

Bathing time was uber fast today as Poppy and i were rushing to receive our guest. :D Still, i managed to squeeze in some time to trim Poppy’s face. hee. Her dinner was great too, yay!

Poppy loves him! And he loves Poppy!

He said we should collect entrance fee for all who comes to visit Popcorn. o.O
oooo…. sounds like a plan. :D


Poppy jumped up and kissed me tonight :) ♥ and did i mention that a third toofy was found today? :D

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