♥ From the stairs :D


I saw this while walking down the stairs this morning :D or rather it looks something like this every morning  :}

… Popcorn waiting patiently

After quite a while of staring, Poppy figured that she should retreat to her hide out, in case mommy wasn’t coming down the stairs because she was being very naughty standing on the second step.

oh i see that you’re still peeping

haha! what she usually does if we continue to look at her after she has done something terribly wrong ☛ ☛ ☛

…yup she looks away, avoiding all possible eye contact.

“o.m.g o.m.g!! LOOKS LIKE MOMMY’S COMING!!!”

She was slightly vibrating with excitement.

Best friend on her way down the stairs too

There’s too much excitement to contain inside :P

Got to release some of that excitement or this Popcorn could explode :D

               I totally LOVE YOU!

4 Comments on “♥ From the stairs :D”

  1. […] me of the time Poppy thought she had to stay at her corner before I would come down the stairs (read this post). […]

  2. […] tee hee hee i was giggling while taking this photo, because she did the exact same thing as yesterday (hide in her time-out corner). […]

  3. raisingdaisy says:

    Isn’t it incredible how one tiny little pup can give us such giant AWWWWWs?! This is unspeakably adorable! :D

    • :D Popcorn does the cutest things, makes me stomach tickle :=P i love her expressions, we never go a day without laughing :D hugs Daisy~ Happy Birthday dear girl!! your face is too cute ❤ many loves!

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