✪ New Trick: Commando Crawl *BOMB*!


The Cheating Furball

Instead of starting the trick at the point where we set her at, Popcorn would run towards the handler (who is squarting at a distance away) and only perform the “hop/crawl” at the last few inches before the end point. She would run towards the treat even before she does the trick! This short-cut tactic went on for weeks, and Popcorn often got away with it. -.- Nonetheless best friend and i continued to try different ways to get Poppy to perform the trick the way we had envisioned (as you see in the video above). There was even a point when Popcorn hopped/crawled in a circle, while following the treat in my hand. And of course, for that to happen, i had to be twirling round and round with the treat in my hand, leading her in circles *headspins* Seeing how giddy it felt for me and the cameraman, we kinda knew this method wasn’t going to work out in the long run. :P

Thankfully with lots of trial and error, best friend eventually found a way to encourage Poppy to do this trick the intended way. :D Yeeha!! As described by best friend. *Stop Popcorn at a distance. Ask her to go down on all fours. Firmly place your hand on the floor while holding a treat. Then drag the treat in a swift motion away from Popcorn.* :P This method worked! For Popcorn at least! ;)

Way da go soldier!! :D Mommy’s so proud of you! :D


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