|___| Inspired by the English Premier League!


Guess what happened guys, Poppy peed on the floor this afternoon and i stepped right on the mark! -.- POPPY……… Deodorizer OUT!

The furball had a good time at the park with grams today . :D I heard that she insisted on leading grams back home fast and to ensure that that happened, she stationed her bum right in the middle of the tracks near the exit. Lol. That’s my Poppy alright. She can be lazy like that. :}

I was excited to see her when we got back home this evening. :D The little one wasn’t shy about showing her affection.  :) She got tired shortly after some intense toy fetching and trick training during dinner time.

The trick she’s learning now?

To head a soccer ball between our legs! :P teehee. Inspired by the upcoming EPL. WAY DA GOAL…. POPPY!!!!!!

More on this trick over the next few days! :D Bye for now! ;)


2 Comments on “|___| Inspired by the English Premier League!”

  1. A soccer playing Poppy – how cute!

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