o.O Whutt’s going on??


Something strange happened in the neighborhood the other day. My squeakies started appearing all around me, one after another… until every single squeaky was no longer in my handy pink trunk.

This used to be where my squeakies were kept. Every day, without fail, my squeakies would reappear in this pink trunk ready fur me to chew on and swish around. But the other day, they started disappearing from the trunk and reappearing all around me on my bed! o.O Nopawdy knew whutt was going on. Nopawdy but one. >=|

Here’s a photo of me looking lost as a few of my toys started appearing one after another. Notice the blur at the right side of the photo? It’s moving at the speed of light! And i believe it’s a big part of this mystery.

I sat really still while more squeakies started to pile up right on my bed. 0.0 The movement was swift. A shadowy figure appeared and disappered, moving back and forth. And each time it left, a new squeaky appeared beside me. 0.0 Why was this happening??

All mom did this entire time was take photos of me. Uhhh? Was she hoping to capture evidence of this strange occurrence? mom.! Why won’t you help me out here. it’s starting to get crowded on this property. At least tell me why this was happening? o.O

I see the shadowy figure flying towards me again O.O

Whutt is going on?????

i demand an explanation!

AH…. did you see that! did you see what just happened there!
mr. frog (the green square squeaky) JUST fell onto me. -____-
i was about the give up hope on ever understanding why all of this was happening.
still, i held my cool.. made no sound. and sat super still.

Then another squeaky fell. O.O

oh will somepawdy please help me.? it’s really getting crowded here. as much as i *adore* my squeakies, i didn’t ask to be buried under them all at once!! maaaaaa!!!!

Five minutes had passed, and nothing had changed. squeakies were flying by every two seconds.

There was nothing i could have done at this point. actually there was. i could have gotten up, walked away, and showed that being who was boss. but i didn’t. -.- i took it like a mannnnn. *tsktsk*
let’s just play along fur a little while longer and see what else shadow-person was up to. 

“time goes by…. so slowly…” (mr. shrooms came by fur a visit)



is it finally over…?

zzz…zz.. phew….

BOOOMM! elephano deeecided to join the game.


after a closer look, i realized that the speed of light mystery being was baby toddler Tessa, mommy’s baby niece. well…. who could ever be mad at baby tessa? 

*oh hi mr rope*

i laid on my bed all obliging :P mom said she was really proud of me and how understanding i was as the BIGGER sister :}

i sat up and took a couple more photos with baby tessa while she looked at me curiously.

then POOF! it was time to go! =D teehee!

ooo ya, don’t forget to say hi to mr. snowman, penguin, and candycane wheelie!

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