☁ 18th January 2012: a day of chilling


Popcorn was chilling at home the whole day, and so was i :D. We’re both awaiting for the big outing tomorrow! :D yay soooOo excited!

Mommy said Poppy finds the safest place to rest in the afternoon, in the corner where she can lean against the walls and feel protected. hee. how cute. Daddy agreed too. :) Mommy also said that Popcorn was hungry this morning and went up the stairs to find Wanti in her bed room. She sat at the door waiting~ aww man.

i love to watch my mom plays with Popcorn, enjoying herself in her retirement :) Love you momsss 

Popcorn’s lucky to have you in her life :) someone to run around with, chase around in circles, dance with, and play hide and seek with :}

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