❂ Excitement Hits the ROOF (video post)


We brought Poppy over to sissy’s place today :D Heh Poppy was uber excited (that’s an understatement), for what she did next was brillant. Poppy pee-ed all over her mommy’s hand and onto sissy’s sofa O.O oopsie daisy. Everyone was pretty accepting. We rationalized that Poppy simply missed Giggs too much and lost it! :P

The “What mommy? What did iiiii doo….” look:

Here are the photos of the day :D

Best friend and sissy playing Monopoly Deal with two love birds beside :P

Poppy followed Giggs wherever he went :D

“Where’s <my> Giggs?” Poppy says :D

i’m happy as can be! 


Hanging with the humans :}

Giggs posing in front of the soccer chairs! 

Looking so handsome! :}

We’re stopping for a game of Fetch! 

A Moment of Solitude.

and…. we’re back in action!


I absolutely adore the next photo BOL!


It’s Video Time :D

Excitement hits the roof when…

Continue watching to see how Giggs took matters into his own Paws to calm Popcorn down :D 
Taken on 3rd April 2012, Poppy is 7 months old :)


The Visit to the Hair Salon

Please perm my hair curlier so i won’t have to perm it again too soon. :}

I like mine light and wavy, please give me a light perm thank you :D

-Grandma’s words o.O


After a long long day, best friend and i fell asleep with Poppy in the living :) Night night baby! What a day! 

P.S We went to Pet Lovers to replenish Poppy’s Acana food supplies today. :D More foodie Poppy! Popcorn will switch to adult food after this pack is done. :) She should be about 9 months by then. Oh how FAST TIME PASSES BY!! Thank you for the joy you bring :) :} :) 

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