❤ For The Cesar Millan Foundation


Pennyroyal has teamed up with dog psychology expert and animal activist Cesar Millan to create our latest Signature Collection release to benefit “The Cesar Millan Foundation”®.  The Cesar Millan Foundation’s mission is to create and deliver community humane education programs and promote animal welfare by supporting the rescue, rehabilitation, and re-homing of abused and abandoned dogs.

The pendant is an exact paw print replica from Cesar’s constant pit bull companion,”Daddy” who was a fixture on ‘The Dog Whisperer’® until his passing in February 9th, 2010.  30% of the proceeds from the sale of this design goes directly to the Cesar Millan Foundation®.

“Daddy was a huge inspiration to me and all the lives he touched.  This pendant is a commemoration of Daddy and a reminder for everyone who wears it to live in the moment, project calm-assertive energy and be a great pack leader.” -Cesar Millan

The back of each pendant features Cesar’s signature and his training mantra, “Exercise-Discipline-Affection”.



[The Designs]

Isn’t it gorgeous!! 



I decided to get it! :D



My Top 10 reasons why.

1 I Love Cesar!

2 It’s my small way of thanking Daddy :)

3 Support Cesar’s efforts in helping other furkids :}

4 Having Daddy’s exact paw print replica. It’s amazing!

5 Cesar’s Signature! Just as Amazing! *A Dream Come True!* :D

6 Join the world in celebrating Daddy! :)

7 A reminder to be a great pack leader!

8 A reminder to live in the moment. *Nods*

9 Everything about this speaks to my heart :) 

10 And it also has the “Exercise-Discipline-Affection” words at the back of the pendent!

Just like the words best friend and i wrote on our poster for Cesar! *.*


So there. That’s enough reason why i should get the pendent! :D

:) DONES! Transaction was successful! Pendent ships within 3-4 weeks! YAY!!!!! 


What a Perfect Way to Start the Weekend!!!


Prime Time News! ✍

Poppy’s learning a new trick. :) It’s called “Shy…..” Poppy would use her paw to cover her eye, like she’s shy… :} *Paws are crossed*! Lessons are just beginning. :D


“Yaaaaaaaaay!!!!!! :D”

“Ooooo and when Mom came home from facial today, i was so happy i pee-ed in my pants! :D! – SO DID NOT. I don’t wear pants! :P”

Have a wonderful, relaxing, enjoyable weekend guys! :} I love you!

omd. i just realized that “My Top 10 reasons why” statements make the shape of a (dog)house with a lawn beneath it. *.*


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  1. 2browndawgs says:

    That is kind of a neat thing.

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