✵ She’s my perfect work companion


Best friend came over today and Poppy was elated! :D She hopped, bounced, rolled, licked, jumped, spun, and did every happy move in the world to warmly welcome best friend home =D It would be fun though to see best friend doing those things too. Haha. :D

Popcorn is my purrfect work companion, every morning and every night. :) One thing, she’s always there :) But what makes her the best work companion is that she’s always with me, even when she’s doing house chores or chewing on a squeaky. Does that make sense? I always get the feeling that she’s supporting me and cheering me on as i write reports, and send emails :) –Waiting patiently for me to be done so we can celebrate success –Lol, with treats & snuggles :} ♥ #great motivation

Well of course this little furball can be a tonne of distraction — i’m not complaining =P

Still…at times, I feel bad when the sound of the chair or table jerks her out of dreamland. Therefore I cannot be more thankful and grateful that Poppy is so patient and tolerating of things like this. She has never looked at me with angry eyes, annoyance, or frustration. And I don’t believe she ever will. :) A sweet spirited child she is ♥… with so much love to give. =)

Here’s a really beautiful photo I found on the web :)

4 Comments on “✵ She’s my perfect work companion”

  1. Bassas Blog says:

    That is wonderful! Tall person is always with me and my cat Barnaby – we try to help him in his work!

  2. grouchoandt says:

    Four legged ones are the best work companions! Groucho loves to keep us company in the study – he sits on our feet to keep them warm and every once in a while will nudge us to let us know it’s time to take a break! I think Popcorn would be the perfect companion!


    • Teehee. Oooh ya, the nudge that tell us it’s break time. That’s the part i love best! :P I like how her cold little nose rubs against me from time to time to let me know that she’s still there :} ♥

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