Popcorn was very naughty today.


Popcorn was very naughty today. I heard Mommy screaming downstairs. It was pretty scary stuff. She was clapping real loudly, stamping her feet — very angry. Oops Poppy. What did you DOOOOO to make grandma so mad!

I thought the furball made her way up the stairs, or peed in a corner, or scratched the chair. But i never expected to hear what Mom said when i went downstairs.

Her exact words were:

“We lost her.”

—- WHAT? O.O What do you mean we lost her?!

But i knew we didn’t exactly lose her because Popcorn was standing right at my feet waiting for her morning dose of belly rubs.

Here’s what happened.

Popcorn went missing. No where to be found! Mom and Wanti looked around the house and even searched upstairs. But NOO SIGN OF POPPY! D= Frantic. Panic. Hysterical. Lost. Fear. were the words to describe the mood.

Then Mom walked to the side of the house. And there baking like real popcorns was the fluffy furball, running about on the boardwalk, having a time of her life.



What were you thinking getting mommy and grandma and Wanti all frantic and panicky huh? – Apparently the furball wasn’t thinking. All she wanted was to run in the sun and feel the wind against her face.

But this was big. Real big. Poppy could slipped out of the main gate and disappeared FOREVER. :( Something had to be done to remind Poppy that this cannot happen again. But i guess something was already done — Mom yelling and clapping and stamping. Mommy really had a scare, poor mom. And Poppy wouldn’t look at mom for the next couple of hours after the incident took place. I think she was scared stiff.

You may be wondering why on earth would Poppy cross the invisible line and explore the house (she has never done that before). Well, I suspect that during the few days Giggs was here, Poppy may have developed the habit of crossing the line and running to the driveway to meet Giggs. She did that one too many times during Giggs’ stay. I guess that could probably explain Poppy’s sudden desire to explore.

I really like to thank the heavens for keeping Poppy save and sound.. and for reminding us to be more aware. I don’t know what I would have done if we had lost her.

What a day of mischief huh, Miss Popcorn. :) Stay safe okay. 


Hey hey! Guess what? :P

100 likes on FluffyPopcorn! :D I can’t say enough how blessed and thankful I feel :) Thank you guys. This means a lot to me (and Poppy). :) And i really appreciate you stopping by every once in a while for a visit despite my at times delayed updates. :) Many hugs and kisses to you and your furkids. Loving you always, Poppy & me :}  Weeeeeeee!!!!!

5 Comments on “Popcorn was very naughty today.”

  1. […] met Wanti on the way out and she sounded pretty upset. She said that Popcorn went out to the boardwalk again for some fun. >=| […]

  2. Bassas Blog says:

    Never cross the invisible line! :)

  3. raisingdaisy says:

    Oh, I understand exactly how you all felt! Daisy has scared us by disappearing in places where she didn’t belong too. Our little pups don’t realize how dangerous some areas are – Daisy could easily slip underneath our gate and get out into the street too. They just want to explore – they don’t realize we’re trying to protect them. I’m so happy little Poppy was okay! :)

    • :} You’re absolutely right Daisy Mommy. Our curious little babies, we really must protect them :} I just pray that we’ll always be there to watch out for them. :) I’m glad that Poppy was okay too! <3 Love you Daisy dear…! :}

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