⌛ Time is ticking, good morning Popcorn! :}


The Sleepy head

Let’s do the twist!


Good Morning baby :D

She came between my legs and laid there, belly showing. haha. how cute baby. i feel like your safe haven Popcorn just saw Wanti walking past the side lane and her guard dog instincts kicked in. haha, partial guard dog instinct. Poppy was alert, and stared at the side lane, but she wasn’t barking. Well then again, they say a good guard dog knows when real trouble’s knocking. :D


Do you know that i love the way we meet in the morning? :) 

The sun is up, and it’s time to greet Poppy good morning for the second time today. :} Baby stood at the stairs waiting. Mommy said that one day Poppy’s gonna get neck cramps and aches because of how often she stares up the stairs waiting for me to come down. Best friend agreed.  :P Ya Poppy.. we’ll need to arrange for more massage therapy sessions, won’t you just love that? :D ❤

She was a sleepy girl the whole day. I believe she didn’t get as much rest as she needed last night as best friend and i were working till late. Poor baby. She’s resting in her crate now. :D


Hide & Seek in the Late Afternoon

That’s Mommy playing hide and seek with Popcorn by the sofa.

Boy was this kid excited, she let out a high-pitched bark!


Trick the Silly Popcorn

…by performing the disappearing act – move fast like the wind, soft feet with each step…

Whenever i get up from my seat to go towards the kitchen or upstairs, Popcorn would stop whatever she’s doing and wait at the stairs until i get back. Today, i walked quickly towards the direction of the kitchen, but instead of going there, i tip-toed up the stairs. Baby thought that i was still at the kitchen. haha, She got tricked! :D

I peeped from the top of the stairs: It’s adorable seeing her constantly staring at the walkway that leads to the kitchen, like she’s wondering when i’m going to come back. My heart melts every time ♥ 

But oops. my hand phone rang!

Can’t hide from her now can i?


i love the way you hold the toy in your mouth and the moment i look at you, it drops to the ground. ♥ 

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