☁ Mountbatten Pet Lovers Event! ❤.❤


Rise and shine folks! :D We’re heading to Mountbatten!!! 

It was a mad rush getting to the event this afternoon! We went into the city early this morning to celebrate baby Johnathan’s one month old birthday bash. :D Best friend’s Dad kindly offered us a ride home. Yay. :) We made it home just in time to pick the furball and head down to Mountbatten. :D

This was the first photo taken today. :D

♫ ♬ Poppy standing tall, and ready to rock and roll! ;)


Curious Poppy checking out her surroundings :}

Just 3o minutes to the Talent Show!

Poppy’s relaxing and keeping cool. :}

“Where are we going next?”

Let’s take a walk Poppy :D

o_o but i’m not walking!!

Wonder who else is in the neighborhood!

ooo hello there handsome! :D

hey!! a twinny!! :D

ooo boys. you’re way cute twinny!! :D

Oooo look who’s there!



i love your shirt by the way! :D


Time to drink up mom says :D

15 minutes to show time! Poppy’s looking kinda nervous

Probably because we were all feeling the nerves O.O!

What’s going on on stage?

Wonder why everyone’s feeling kinda jittery. Strange O.o

Okay Poppy! Are You ready!

Yes mom!

eh. but for what? o.O

Let the Talent Show begin!!!


Contestant #1

Little “betty boop” did many twists and turns — twirls on the spot and twirls around her human.
Spinning, and hopping, walking on twos. Leaping over gaps and peeping through loops.
She drank from her bottle on cue and on order.
Picked up her toys and kept them together.
Little Betty Boop was a great entertainer.
Cute as a button.
And sweet as an angel!

Contestant #2!

A Day in Popcorn’s Life

Poppypoopiepoop did a series of acts.
She shook her paw, surrendered, and begged.
She played the role of a heroic pup.
Chased away the bad guy and saved her mom!
In the story that was told, Poppypoopie never gave up.
She told the man who’s boss, and who’s really in charged!
The bad man thought tiny Poppy was no big deal.
Until he was faced with several spins and blows.
Popcorn stormed the man — out of the door!
He left there running, afraid of The Paw.
Poppy celebrated and thought the day was fun!
She received kisses on stage, a gift from mom.
Poppypoopie was shy, and covered her face.
It touched mom’s heart and it made her day!

Popcorn focused! :D

Popcorn up!



Popcorn… Open (the door)!

Good girl :D

Popcorn Paw?



Popcorn *beg*


Popcorn Surrender!

Roll over!

Roll over!

Roll ove

Popcorn Turn!

Popcorn, keep your toys!

Popcorn, walk (chase)!

Popcorn, walk (chase)!

Popcorn, walk (chase)!

Popcorn, walk (chase)!

Popcorn, walk (chase)!

\ Popcorn, walk (chase)!


Popcorn… *kiss*!


Popcorn’s shy… :D

Popcorn’s shy… :D

The End!

Contestant #3!

Furiendly Ferrari, the cat!

Ferrari the cat, unique in her talent.
Her owner says she’s furiendly and gentle like cotton :)
She invited a couple of guests to hold Ferrari and stroke her.
Ferrari cuddled in their arms, comfy and smitten.
Ferrari was as furiendly as her owner had mentioned.
Furiendly Ferrari, you’re one cute kitten!

Contestant #4!

Miss Poodle Toy Poodle.

Miss Poodle Toy Poodle.
Fluffy and Intelligent.
She does a great Paw^5,
She stands tall and certain. :D

Poodle Toy Poodle, she even spins on the spot. :D
Who doesn’t love a Poodle ballerina now ought to get caught!

Contestant #5!

It’s the cat named Princess
Let’s welcome her!
Dressed like a Superstar
Even has her own car.
Living the dream life
Like a Prima Donna
Kimono or Pilot Suit
— Always a star!


Pimp my ride, meow!

Contestant #6!

This Westie-mix is one special kid!! ;)

There’s a Westie-mix in town.
He’s nine years old.
He’s smart as a whip,
Always up on his feet!
He does the craziest tricks, it’s an amazing feat.
Fling him a frisbee, and watch him leap!

He poses as a statue,
Sitting or standing.
He catches a flying ball when he’s up (two-feet) standing!
He even jumps across obstacles without hesitating.

And just when you think he’s done,
He whips out his trump card.
Now watch him propel.
BOY… This kid is smart!!!


-End of the Contest-


Popcorn just after her turn! :D

Exhausted she was :}

She was receiving some love and huggies though :D

lol. :D


WoohoO~It’s Prize Presentation Time!

Contestants were called to the backstage… :D
No one knew what the results were yet. O.O Fingers and paws crossed Poppy!!

We met a family backstage and they stopped to say hi. :D The dad said, “What a mean salesperson!” Making Poppy do all those acts to protect the house! Lol :D


Oooooo……. The Results are in!!!

We weren’t expecting much as Poppy fumbled a little during her “keep the toys” trick
because she got distracted by a loud bark. o.O


Anyway, the Judges were looking at..

The Difficulty of the Trick
The Smoothness of the Performance
The Concentration Level of the Pup/Kitty
The Overall Performance

SO here goes!


Sixth Position!

Miss Ferrari


Fifth Position!



Fourth Position!

Miss Poodle Toy Poodle


Third Position!

Little Betty Boop


Second Position!


oh no.. mom..! what’s this glaring, golden thing! it’s going to hurt my eyes!

so you mean it won’t hurt me?

Say what?


and finally…

First Position!

Westie-mix “New Kid in Town”


Yay! Congratulations to all contestants!! :D


ay.. what just happened? O.o

I can’t believe Poppy came in second!!! :D We’re so elated!!

Yay!!!! Time to celebrate and meet furiends Poppy!

he’s the cutest little fella!

OooOooOoo looks like mom made some friends!

eh wait a minute. where am i going?! o.O

Look who we bumped into when we were just about to leave :)

a cutie!!!!

the weather’s too hot little one? :D

awww.. !

and look who’s resting in her cosy car!

It’s *PRINCESS*!!!*

Hello Ferrari!

We wanted to check out the obstacle/agility course before heading home but it seems like Popcorn is too young to join in the fun. Furkids have to be at least a year old before they can enter the course.

so Home Sweet Home it was! :D

Popcorn’s fluffy after her bath! :D

and kinda zzzzpy…!

mom…? can i go to bed sooon?


i’m feeling kinda sleeepy.

*nodding off*


how long is this gonna last… mom…?

somebody….? anybody…?


i’m at my limits here *YAWNS*

Oh Poppy! One last lap!!

We have to take some award photos to remember this day!

hey look it’s that glaring thing again!


Teehee. Poppy zoomed right into doooreamyland the moment i put the camera down. :D

Night Night Popcorn!!!!!!



and the Sleepyhead awakes!


hey mom..

what’s going on?

what’s up?

i hope you had a good nap baby! :}


Photos taken during the event by the kind photographer :D 


We felt so blessed today :) Not only did the judges enjoy Poppy’s performance, lady luck was on our side too and we managed to sneak some lucky draw prizes home! :D

Lucky Draw Prize #1!

Just what we needed Poppy! :D

Lucky Draw Prize #2!

Oooooo subscription to Pets Magazine! :D


WooOooHoooo more Freebies from the event! ;)

“A Pet is for Life” Car Decal!

Poop Pouch! Lol.


And finally the Prizes for The Talent Contest! :D

$120.00 Pet Lovers’ Gift Vouchers!!! :D

And a beautiful trophy! :D Weeepee!!


This weekend has been an amazing experience. :) We got to mingle with pet lovers, meet new furiends, and experience something completely new. :D *MILESTONE* Popcorn got to go on stage and perform her tricks outdoors for the very first time. And i think she was wonderful :) If anything, i was more nervous than the furball was. :} i’m really proud of Poppypoop even though she got a little distracted during one trick. :} Oh Popcorn.. Best friend and i, your grandma and grandpa are so happy and proud of you and your little achievement today! :D And guess what, we just got ourselves an extra $120.00 to spend on your birthday pawty which is happening in about a month’s time! :D It’s purrfect! We’ll take you on your very first birthday shopping spree! :D

I Love You Poppypoopie! And Congratulations!!!!!! :}

You are Patient, Caring, Talented, Loving, Respectful, Encouraging, and everything Popcorn needs in a trainer and a best friend. :D *BIG Poppy Huggies*! ♥ Good day, and Good night!! :D


7 Comments on “☁ Mountbatten Pet Lovers Event! ❤.❤”

  1. Chancy and Mumsy says:

    Wow sweet Poppy you know lots of tricks! All these pictures are just fantastic. It would have been so much fun to have gotten to see you and the others perform in person. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Wow Poppy – you are soooo clever. What fantastic work!

  3. […] out this post to see Poppy performing her tricks for the first time on public stage! :D ooooo it’s da […]

  4. It looked like a fun show! Concats on your prize =^.^=

  5. 2browndawgs says:

    Excellent post. I felt like I was there at the show too. And Poppy got 2nd! Congratulations! That is really wonderful. Poppy is still a baby and to come in 2nd is very impressive. Good job!

  6. raisingdaisy says:

    Congratulations Poppy! You did great! And you look SO cute in all the pictures! :D

  7. I am very impressed that you were able to go on stage and win second place at your tender age. Well done Poppy, congratulations on all your prizes, it looks like your birthday party will be absolutely amazing, but you’re worth it!

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