❂ Yay! Upcoming Doggie Event! :D


Lying down on my belly and looking into Poppy’s eyes is just the best feeling in the world. :} Time seems to stand still, and it’s just me and the furball sharing a quiet moment.. no one’s really moving :)  Until Popcorn broke the “formation” and inched forward for some nose kisses. Lol. You got me beaming from ear to ear Poppy. And you can definitely give a good facial! :D Lol. What a wonderful start to the day Poppy. :) Big hugs!


Pssst…. Upcoming Pet Event!

We’ve just decided that we’re going!!!! :D Yippee! The last two events that Popcorn joined was the National Geographic Dog Whisperer Free Pet Shop Event, and the Pets’ N the City Event (post still well on its way, ooops). :D

When the staff at Pet Lovers gave us the brochure yesterday, we were superduper excited to bring Poppy to the weekend carnival and even considered signing her up for one of the contests! WhoOhoo, look what’s installed! :D

✔ Cutest Pet Online Contest

✔ Most Look-alike Pet-Owner Online Contest

✔ My Pet Got Talent Contest!

It’s going to be pawsome just like the last two events! :} But things are going to be a lot different and a lot MORE EXCITING this time round! Because….





Wait for it…..





….. the furball’s joining the Pet Talent Contest!!! Poppy’s going On Stage! :D Haha. WHOA…..! This would be the first time Popcorn would ever perform her tricks outside of the comfort of her home, and in a public place with potentially A LOT of distractions. *crazycrazy*

There’s lots of work to be done over the next two days! But we’re ready to try :D Wooooopeee! This is so exciting! :D


So Poppy! Give Mommy a High PAW^5! Let’s Race to the Finishing Line together with bestfriend okay!! :D

WooOooOhOoOooOooOoooO! Wish us luck guys! :} Have a wonderful day ahead! ;) i love you.


4 Comments on “❂ Yay! Upcoming Doggie Event! :D”

  1. […] :) We got to mingle with pet lovers, meet new furiends, and experience something completely new. :D *MILESTONE* Popcorn got to go on stage and perform her tricks outdoors for the very first time. And i think she […]

  2. Papoe says:

    Cutest pet online contest??? can I join ;)

  3. Go for it Poppy – We know you’d win the cutest ever competition. Hope it’s not all too distracting for you.

  4. raisingdaisy says:

    Good luck Poppy! I think you should win for cuteness alone! We can’t wait to see the pictures! :)

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