♞ ♥ Nat Geo Free Pet Shop Event!


Hi there :) I’ve finally uploaded and edited all 314 photos taken on our perfect date at Nat Geo Free Pet Shop Event! :D Happy to share them with you ♥ Thank you National Geographic for planning such a wonderful event to help dogs find a new home, and also give all doggie lovers a chance to come together to celebrate knowledge and love for their dogs/animals. :) I even saw a couple of bird lovers at the event (with their parrots on their shoulders and forearm). =) It was a bright and sunny day, perfect for the perfect date! :]

So without further ado, here are the photos! Enjoy! ;) heh. They are mostly photos of Popcorn at every moment of her day out. :) You’ll see her enjoying the sea breeze, socializing with fur friends, clipping her nails, having a gooooood relaxing massage, sleeping at the event (haha), and eventually when she returns home :) ♥ it’s a must to capture these precious moments. :}

Popcorn First Outdoor Adventure

We are here!

She was curious but also slightly nervous. :D There were already many dogs at the event :)

In my eyes, Popcorn was the star of the day ♥ :) She was such a good girl, and i’m very proud of her. This was her first time socializing with so many fur dogs in a day. I noticed that she hid her tail between her legs when she met some fur friends, although there were also other moments where Popcorn’s tail was upright too. Mmmm, i guess i got to build her confidence when she meets other pups. :) We can make it Poppy. It was still super awesome that Poppy did not swipe any fur friend’s face at all today. :) She was respectful. haha. That’s my girl.

Thank you Poppy for making my day :) It was a pleasure spending hours in the hot sun with you. A real good date we had. =) i love you~

Popcorn was way tired at night. She jerked just before falling asleep. I heard that if we jerk just before falling asleep, it means that the body is exhausted and falls asleep faster than the brain does. mmm. not sure if that’s right. Baby was so tired, she didn’t even wake up when I came downstairs to make myself a quick meal :D

I hope you had a great time today Poppy. Until our next adventure! ♞ 


Dad and Mom still can’t believe how tiny Popcorn is when she showers. :D

2 Comments on “♞ ♥ Nat Geo Free Pet Shop Event!”

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