♬ ♪ O.O oops Grandma


It is official. 

i looooove strawberrrrries!!! !!
Mommy gave me a tini piece again tonight. woootie! 

Watch me tasting Strawberries last month =D
i worked really hard just to get some!! 

I hope everyone has been well :}  Remember to hydrate yourselves and maybe sneak a couple of bites of those fruits your mom and dad are nibbling :P Have a fruity dayeee!  :}

Mommy says that she has been uber busy lately, and she wants to apologize for the delayed posts and for not visiting blogs as often as she likes to. She promised me that she would keep up with posting and visiting real soon. :} *paws-crossed* work hard mommy! 

Looooove, PoppyPoopPants! ♥


♬ ♪ O.O oops Grandma

Grandma said i made a sound while i sat on her lap today and immediately went for a visit to my poop pad. :P oopsie! =X She was real nice and understanding. i think i even made her laugh a little. :D 


P.S. Mommy will be off for classes over the weekend, starting tomorrow. :( i’m sure gonna miss her.. shhhh maybe i’ll prepare something special for her while she’s away! :P ♥ 

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