⋆ How will Popcorn handle her kibbles today?


Mommy took Poppy out for a walk this morning :D thanks mom! Mom said that she took Popcorn on a new path and at one point, Popcorn was certain that another house was our house. She sat there, refusing to move. haha. cute kid.

Baby ate most of her kibbles this morning but with plenty of Addiction food motivators in it. mmmm.. Let’s see how she does this evening. ♥


Yay! Teeth Cleaning, Breath Freshening Chew Stick!

I decided to get Popcorn one cleaning stick from Burp! It helps to reduce plaque, tar tar, and stinky fish breath. :P

Burp! products usually contain no coloring or artificial preservative :D

Poppy and her new Burp! teeth cleaning stick :D :D she absolutely loved it. yay!

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Mommy loves Poppy’s new hair cut. haha. We can see her eyes now. :))) It’s now all the more difficult to say no to this little one. :D hee, dinner was a breeze!

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