♥ It’s the 4th of Feb, time to do some shopping! ♥


Popcorn was a slow walker today. Real slow and it took much patience just maintaining positive energy on my part. =\ why Popcorn…? My next mission is to train her to walk better on the leash using Clicker Training. Going to have to get this one right soon or else this little one’s going to drive me crazy. O.O Popcorn… you must persevere and be the good student you’ve always been ok ;)

Saw a baby in a pram and thought about you Popcorn. I feel like a mommy :)))))

Best friend and I bought her more replacement toys today :D haha. To replace her three month old worn out ones. Replacements were made for yellow and green rope, and mr. Pineapple for a start :D We also got her a volumiser hahah! Really nice smelling too. Good one :D i have yet to use it. Apparently it helps to fluff her up between baths and keep her fur coat conditioned. :) yay. :D here’s a photo of how the bottle looks like. It says that this particular spray is great for Poodles and Terriers. :D Purrfect for Popcorn! :D

♥ looooveee.

We’ll be getting daddy’s help tomorrow to replenish Popcorn’s fish4dogs kibbles supply and to enroll Popcorn into the Puppy Bonus Plan at Pet Lovers. =D Simply submit your puppy’s AVA license and be entitled to a complimentary packet of fish4dogs, a puppy booklet and some poop bags! Yay balls :D thanks ;)

Moments with our guests this evening

Popcorn was charming her way through the party tonight. Playing fetch enthusiastically and performing her tricks as she always does. Cameras were out and plenty of videos and photos were taken of her tonight. Should make a tiny red carpet for Popcorn to strut her stuff :D

We also made her choose between her fur toys tonight. Throwing one toy first, and while she’s off chasing, we would throw a second one in her direction and watch her reaction haha. Poor baby had a tough time deciding which to pick up. She would run towards one toy, and come back to get the other with the first toy in her jaws. We could see from her body language that she was making a decision as to which toy to let go — hesitating and reconsidering several times (picking up, and putting the toy back down; picking up the other toy, and putting that back down). Unfortunately, she couldn’t get the best of both worlds as her mouth is too small to hold on to both toys, one definitely had to be abandoned, poor thing :P Watching her in action raised a wave of laughter from her audiences. Hee. Mommy said just looking at a dog is enough to entertain guests when they come by. Heh. :}

When all the guests left, i left for bed too. Haven’t been in the best of spirits the entire day, and i guess Popcorn sensed it. She started barking soon into the night. Not because of poop, but for attention or something else. So i decided to go on downstairs to accompany her (or perhaps it was the other way round). She quieted down and slipped into dreamland soon after. Looking at her in her crate, i realised that baby’s all grown up. I really wanted to capture a photo of her sleeping in this position. She used to be so tiny.. taking up only slightly more than half of that space. I love you smallness. Going to give you all the love that I can. Sweet dreams baby. ♥

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