♥.♥ 14th March



Mommy said that Poppy was so engrossed with chomping her foodies this morning,
her food bowl migrated under the recliner chair by the end of her meal. :P


 HOME sweet HOME! 

Mommy and i went out in the morning and when we came home,
Poppy’s face was smacked against the glass door.

She had been waiting. :D

We didn’t properly greet Popcorn this morning and when we eventually got home,
baby Pops was waaay elated. Haha. The bouncing fur ball. Tee hee.
Hello My Popcorn! 


♞ The Game of Catch

Mommy played chasing with Poppy. She got really excited and was screaming away. Haha. Neighbor Rex and dogs got excited too. Lol. Mommy’s face was all red. Apparently, she’s afraid of playing chase.. which got me wondering why she initiated chase with Poppy in the first place. :D


 It’s Revolution day again!

Just gave Popcorn her dose of Revolution before her bed time. :) She was a good girl. Loves! 


❄ Photos of a Sleepyhead ❄

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Mommy asked me today, “Why don’t you like celery? Even Popcorn loves it.” ♥.♥

4 Comments on “♥.♥ 14th March”

  1. raisingdaisy says:

    Aww there’s nothing like the excitement of a pup when you get home to make you feel really welcome and melt away any annoyances of the day. I love how Poppy has made that little nook by the stairs her own! She’s just the *cutest*! :)

    • Yes Daisy mommy, I totally agree with you. :] Poppy takes away all the nasty from any day. I love her so much for that. I think that’s one of the many reasons why pups give us snuggly warm feelings inside. :) They never hide their feelings and love from anyone. And that’s just the best especially when they greet you with excitement and thank you like there isn’t a tomorrow for the treats you are giving :P That little corner by the stairs? Haha. Popcorn has officially claimed this property from mom and dad. ;)

  2. Popcorn…you just too adorable! Love all the pictures…all of them!

    • Thank you my new friend! I think my mommy needs a new hard drive to store all my pictures. She takes photo like film is free! Hey wait! They don’t use that anymore, now we’ve gone digital! :P

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