☝ Hey Popcorn! Up here!


I peeped over the second floor landing and saw the furball making her rounds in the living hall chasing rugs and chasing Wanti. Lol. I watched her do her thing for several minutes. Oh Popcorn. Is this what you do every morning? Chase rugs and chase Wanti? :P Haha. It was a joy to watch her play. :} Then i whispered, Pop-corn~~~~ Poppy stopped in her tracks and turned to look at the stairs. “MOMMMM?” She circled around the living hall anxiously and then disappeared to a corner where i couldn’t see — most probably standing at the steps looking upstairs. :)

Wanti saw me at the landing and went over to pick the furball up. With the same lost and anxious look, Poppy scanned the living hall and struggled a little to break free from Wanti’s arms. “I want to find my Mommy!!” We tried to get Poppy to look above where the landing was. I waved my hands, called her name, and hit the wall, while Wanti pointed towards the landing and said “Mommy’s there!!” Lol.

When Poppy eventually saw me leaning over the landing, she froze and tilted her head to one side… “Mom.. have you been there the whole time? What are you doing up there?” She laid on the floor and looked at me for several minutes. Haha. Yes Poppy? I ran back into the bedroom to grab the camera, and as i ran off, i could hear Poppy dashing to the steps. :P She must have thought that i was coming downstairs.

Wanti carried Poppy back to the center of the living hall again.. It was picture time! :) Here are some photos i took of Popcorn looking up. :D Hello….. furball!

hello mom!

what are you doing up there?

can you please come down already? o.O

The little one gave us our morning dose of laughter and giggles. Thanks Poopie! :D


Later in the day :)

The furball hung out in the study room with best friend and i while we did some work in the afternoon. :) She was having a time of her life hopping on and off, and bouncing up & down the big bean bag. Lol. It’s a great feeling to have a happy furkid running around, spreading joy and excitement. :) Popcorn fills the room with so much love & laughter :} ❤❤

After dinner, Poppy practiced her tricks and dad took a video of her. We tried to video Popcorn performing all her tricks in one continuous shot tonight. However we think we can do better for the newest “BOMB!” trick.. :D We’ll practice more and when Popcorn’s ready, we’ll put up the video okay! :D oooo i can’t wait! The furball has learned 12 tricks so far. :D

Well that’ll be all for now. :) Have a wonderful day! :) Oooo the weekend is almost here!!!! Yay!!


2 Comments on “☝ Hey Popcorn! Up here!”

  1. Bassas Blog says:

    Those are great photos!

  2. now that is one totally cute little furrball! And so agile…how does she get her hind legs to do that??!!

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