☛ The “Foot Massager” IS NOT suitable for Furkids!


Hey guys! Grandma made me try out something called a fooooot massager this morning. EH? Why would they call it a FOOT massager, don’t they know that furkids like us have paws?? Someone should call up the manufacturer and change the size, shape, name, look, and number of paw spaces on that giant machine! That thing IS NOT suitable for furkids and that’s final!

Well anyway… i didn’t quite enjoy the sudden shocks and pokes i felt in my paws. I showed Grandma the weird WUT? face if you know what i mean. So maybe the food massager people can keep their design. i’m gonna find myself a real masseuse!! Canine style!!


Happy Thursday Furiends! ♥ tsk.

2 Comments on “☛ The “Foot Massager” IS NOT suitable for Furkids!”

  1. rumpydog says:

    Really…. besides, those things made for humans are way inferior to the massage you just got.

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