✇–✇ The Wheels on the Bicycle! :D


|Current Update| Thursday 26th July

Hey guys! Many apologies for the delayed posts! There’s been crazy loads of errands piling up on the desk over the past few days and i’ve been trying to juggle work, household stuff, and the editing of hundreds of photos taken during Popcorn’s Pet Talent Contest on Sunday! We’ve just converted one of our rooms to an official work station where i’ll be able to work from home in a more productive environment. As a matter of fact, i’m typing this post in the room now. :D It feels great. Please accept my sincere apologies for being absent over the past week, and for not having the time to visit your blog and read about your amazing adventures. But i’m working on finishing up the posts as soon as possible and then run over to your blog to catch up on things in da neighborhood. :) Thanks for your understanding!  Now back to Saturday’s entry! :D


The wheels on the bicycle go round and round, round and round… round and round! The wheels on the bicycle go round and round…. All day long!” was what the furball was most likely singing along to this morning. O.O


Popcorn……… >.< !!


Smallness was spotted once again for the second time, loitering outside the front door, playing with the wheels on the bicycle. BOL!

No one has seen how Popcorn looks like sneaking out of the main door. But i can imagine how cute she would have looked, checking to her right and left for signs of anyone nearby just before she took her first forbidden steps. :D Still… Poppy! No matter how cute you look (or sound) singing to the wheels on the bicycle song, this is still mischief! Best friend said we should install a CCTV at the main door to capture Popcorn in action. :D Oh that would be so sneaky! :P

The rest of the day was dedicated to the preparation of Sunday’s Talent Contest. :D Best friend, Popcorn, and i cracked our brains to come up with a series of tricks to entertain our judges. :D After much thought, we decided on narrating a story while the furball performs 11 of her familiar tricks. :D Oooooo Can’t wait to blog about the event tomorrow. Stay tuned! :D Yayyy!!

Wishing you a wonderful Thursday! :) *Hugs and Kisses* ♥ ♥ ♥ 


2 Comments on “✇–✇ The Wheels on the Bicycle! :D”

  1. Looking forward to hearing all about it. You are a very brave Popcorn to go in for a talent contest. My talent is eating – do you think that would count????

  2. Dogs N Pawz says:

    We’ve missed you Poppy! Glad to hear you are okay and that your mom is just busy!

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