Wordless Wednesday: Popcorn’s Big Surprise!


Guys…… Look what Mom did. -.-

Meet Miss Brainy!!! (Mom says)

Cool Love-shaped Style for May!! *tsktsk* (Mom says again…)

Hey Poppy, do you like your new look? =D

Not really MOmm…..

Ohhhh… But why not Popcorn? You look nice!

i don’t think so Mom….

But then again… if i got some tweats, i might just change my mind and believe you Mom!


NO? — sigh…

Oh POPPY! Are you finally surrendering to the hairstyle? ;)

“NOOOOOOOOO!!!! MOM!!!” — The furball is throwing a fit.

“AHhhhHhHhh!!!!!!!! Shaking it off, shaking it OFF now!!”


Oh great. We’ve come to PART TWO of Wordless Wednesday -.-

That’s me, floating in mid-air (Apparently Mom and Grandma thought this was FUNNY

Look, i’ve completely given up by now.

This wordless Wednesday thing isn’t all that fun as i
thought it would be!!!


Poooooof. AND THERE’S MORE. 

Mom gave in to my tweat request!!!

i was so happy i forgot to clarify the terms and conditions! Then this happened….



i endured one last challenge before i got my big surprise today!

The Challenge:
Mom made me bathe.
Mom bathed me.

But the good news is…. i got to go upstairs right after!
Mom dried me in her bedroom tonight :D Yippee!!

And something even better happened!

I…. Popcorn Baomihua GOT TO DO THIS ☛ ☛

Weeeeepeeee!!!! :D What a big surprise MOM! I often wondered about that
huge white thing 
that’s always blocking my path! Now i know! It’s my throne! :D


Mom said these dog rules are really starting to reflect reality.

“Tsktsk! Yay! More surprises to come!”

Alrighty, that’ll be all for Wordless Wednesday! :D

♥ Love you all!

7 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Popcorn’s Big Surprise!”

  1. bichonpawz says:

    Interesting hairdo Poppy, but we kinda like it your normal way!! The BED is a fabulous place to hang out…you will see…it is VERY comfortable!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  2. raisingdaisy says:

    That’s one special hairdo, Poppy! Not many pups can pull it off as well as you did! :D

  3. Cute hairdo, Poppy! You were a good sport!

  4. Very funny we are dog people too!

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