♚ i’m Clowning around :D


hey guys, guess what… mom thought this would be funny -.-

some help anyone?

Hey. What’s that there! Is that for meeee?


i’m here now

can i get a piece of something something please?

can i mom?

mmmmm???? please??

pretty please?



i can’t wait mom!!

eh? i thought…. i was getting a little.. something… something..??

HEY! Did you trick me Mom!



Yay!! Mom’s waving the cookie again!!

Eye On The Prize.


i didn’t realize that my shoe fell off :D

Thanks for the coOokies mom!!

All the hopping and jumping is making me very Zzzzzzpy…

*lights out* mom~

5 Comments on “♚ i’m Clowning around :D”

  1. Kroten says:

    Those are all amazing photos! You look cute in your dress…but I think your shoes are a little bit too small.

  2. Chancy and Mumsy says:

    All your pictures are super great sweet Popcorn but we gotta tell you that in our opinion number 6 and 16 are priceless!!! You just look so cute and pose nicely. Hugs and nose kisses

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