☝Is this Fashion Week or what Mom?


I spotted some tents beside the restaurant by the beach this evening, and on closer look,
i realized that the mobile stores were selling doggie products. :D WOohOoo!
i hurried to take a peek at the stalls just before dinner started. :D

They were selling doggie clothings!

Superdog outfits

Football jerseys

Denim shorts





Etc. :D

How much? :) Just $6.50 for this hooodie! 


How cute! A girly pink i  Mom hoodie!

a must buy, agree? :D



We got home after dinner and the furball tried it on. :D

what’s this again mom?

taking a closer look

eh. i still can’t seem to figure out what this is maaa

and staring at it isn’t helping either!

maybe i should sniff it


ooooo smells like the beach mom!

did you go to the beach Mom?!

huh? huh? without ME???

oh boy. i think i figured this thing out. it’s a….

okay. i give up.

Who actually knew this was a giant sleep mask huh?

it’s getting kinda dark in here


hey… this sleep mask really works!

i’m starting to feel a little zzzzzzzzpy..

1 tweat~ 2 tweat~ 3…..tw..

mom……….. i was just entering dooreamland!

now what?

“Okay Popcorn! Smile for the camera!!”

sure mom, go ahead, i’m still here… :)



looking at you…..

day dooreaming…..

smiling….. too :}


Mom? Can i ask you something?


Yes Popcorn?

is this a giant sleep mask and a pj too?


Why would you say that Popcorn?

well… i was wondering if it might be because it’s making Poppy feel rather sleepy Mom.


i’m really zoning in and out of sleepyland here

okay mom, i’ve decided to try and stay awake

i’ve got the whole night to snooze..now i’d rather be looking at you :}

or maybe not :P

i love you mom…

with.. or without a hoodie :}



i probably look pretty pooped from trying to stay awake -.-

Outfit #2!


OH? there’s another?

teehee! Jumper suit!!

hahahah. this feels funny MOM! i’m wearing shorts!

erm, Mom? did you know they made a tail hole in the jumper?

LOOK! it’s right there!

why do you think they did that?

huh mom?

it’s kind of puzzling..

well anyway, i don’t think i really need to know why.

so what should we do now?

i’m just lying here… your pictures are going to turn out boring mom

maybe we should DO something??

let me help you out mom :D [sneaky sneaky]

i’m thinking.

still thinking…


uh-huh! how about whipping out some snackies now mom? it’s a pretty good idea…

mmmmmm??? snackies MOM????

“Okay Poppy.”

YES! It’s Tricks for Tweat time!

Mom said BANG! and shot me, so i did this!

yum~yum~ can’t wait for the tweat to enter my mouth =D

ya ha! how did i do mom?

good mom? i’ve been in this position for quite a while now

so where’s my snackies??

=O !!!!!!!!! *&$@^#!!! What do you mean you RAN OUT OF SNACKIES?!?!














teehee. just kiddin’ Poppy got her snackies alright :D

Happy Fathers’ Day to all fur-dads, furkids’ dads, people dads, grandpas, and dads-to-be! ♥

May all good things come your way. :) Keep smiling, keep shining! We love you paps!